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Official Name: Raine Bralor
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Species: Human
Homeworld: Mandalore
Affiliation: Herself
Appearance: Height: 4'3"
Weight: 80 pounds
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Red/Brown
Biography: Raine was born on Mandalore to a pair of very nervous parents. Not nervous as if they had no courage, that they had in good amounts. Nervous as in for their daughter. Raine was born force sensitive on a planet that greatly distrusted force users. She did not have a very noticeable amount of force sensitivity, at first. Not until after her parents death did she begin displaying a strong connection to the force.

Raines parents came from different worlds, literally. Her mother was a Corellian mechanic in search of an adventure that could test her piloting skills. Her father was a Mandalorian mercenary, rooted in his families ancestry of finding honor in battle. As luck would have it, they crossed paths on the same mission and quickly formed a strong bond. A few short years later, they had a daughter.

Raine spent her life traveling from one planet to the next with her parents, but still called Mandalore her home. A home which her parents liked to stay at as little as possible with their force sensitive daughter. Shortly after her eighth birthday, her parents were killed in a firefight. Raine doesn't remember much of what happened, only that she had survived and that her force sensitivity had drastically grown. She would spend the next four years in hiding, learning how to survive and how to keep her force powers in check.

Raines force powers are not a calming river like the Jedi, or a power to control like the Sith. Instead they are like a wildfire, raw and uncontrolled. She had a hard time keeping it under control, sometimes crushing droids or pushing over speeders. With time, however, she was able to suppress her powers down enough to keep them in check. But she still didn't know how to control them. This lack of control would lead her on her next quest.
Weapons: The force
Salvaged vibro dagger.
Traffic Light: Blue