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Official Name: Renzo Ostrenis
Quote: "I forgive the many for the sake of the few, the living for the dead"
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Species: Duros
Homeworld: Koli (Duro system)
Occupation: Fleet Admiral
Force Alignment: Non-Force
Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
Appearance: Like any other Duros, his appareance is unmistakable, with blue-green skin and reddish eyes. However, Renzo is even more solemn and sober than most of his fellow Duros: his emotionless eyes are quite unforgiving and his thinless lips are more prone to grimace that warm themselves with an open smile; a mouth framed by two deep lines and the wrinkles usual in his species. His bald, hairless head is severe and austere. Overall, the lanky Renzo looks dignified, stoic and stern. He's slightly over the average height for a Duros.
Biography: Ostrenis was born in Koli, a secondary planet in the Duro system, and a rather insignificant one in its fringes. Thusly, he wasn't born in the upper echelons of the Duros society, his family only holding a minoritary percentage of one of the great companies ruling the system. Nevertheless, his mother's shipping company provided him with a state-of-the-art education, being brooded and educated in one of the orbiting cities around Duro.

As many Duros before him, Renzo soon felt the pull towards the stars, his first errands done in the paternal company. An aspiring navigator, he left his dissertation abandoned, thus never becoming a doctor in archeology, in order to pursuit his naval interests. At rather young age he graduated with honors in the academy, being soon known for the throughfulness of his approach to combat, always dutiful, compensating the posible lack of raw genius. He also has a quite good memory and a natural cappacity discerning patterns, he pays, as well, an almost obsessive atention to detail, being quite meticulous. The Duros commander has a deep historical and antropological knowledge, that he often uses to his advantage in armed encounters.

After graduating, he was asigned as ensign to a corvette, seeing action against pirates, bandits and rascals all across the fringes of the New Republic, right where the governmental authority was at its weakest. After being named sargeant, he won a pitched encounter against a minor pirate lordling over Garqi, being thereby promoted to lieutenant soon afterwards. Subsenquently, he gained notority for the liberation of several hundred slaves in an action over Raxus Prime, which in turn let to further promotions. Eventually, he settled for few years as captain of the MC80 cruiser [i]Spirit of Neimodia[/i], which he famously led against a splinter imperial warlord in a hard-fought encounter around the orbit of the so-called New Wayland. The outcome of the battle was tremendously happy for the Republican navy: the warlord was soundly defeated and his flagship, a fully functional Imperial Star Destroyer, [i]the Widow's Wail[/i], had been captured, after its commander commited suicide; unable to cope with defeat. Thus, the Galactic Alliance had been rid from another warlord and gained a ship of not inconsiderable firepower.

After being finally promoted to admiral, Renzo chose as his flagship the very star destroyer captured in the aforementioned battle, which, after undergoing extensive repairs, was renamed as the [i]Oathkeeper[/I]. The ship not only had undergone the usual repairs, but also a new paintjob, with extensive parts of the bridge and the hull now brightly, and quite dramatically, covered in red. All in all, a quite impresive sight, testimony not only to the power of the Galactic Alliance, but to the prowess of Renzo himself.

The admiral took part in the conflict between the newly minted threat, the First Order, and the Galactic Alliance, with his flagship, seeing action in several scenarios of the long-winded campaign. To this day he has served the Galactic Alliance with unwavering loyalty and dedication. As said before, he might not be one of the tactical geniuses of yore, like Gial Ackbar, but he is a good leader and an efficient commander.
Weapons: The admiral doesn't use any personal weapons whatsoever, save a modest blaster, being only moderately fluent in how to hit something larger than him.
Personal Spaceship: -----------------------------
Imperial II-class Star Destroyer [i]Oathkeeper[/i]. The old but trusty warship was captured by admiral Ostrenis in a battle over New Wayland. The formerly imperial vessel has been retrofitted with new Galactic Alliance ordnance, replacing the batteries that had been damaged beyond repair. The ship also received a dramatic paintjob in red, granting it an unmistakable appareance.
Fleet: -----------------------------
[b]Oathkeeper/GAF93-03 Fleet (256 points)[/b]:
1 Imperial II-class Star Destroyer- [i]Oathkeeper[/i], flagship, 128 points.
-Complement: 20 TIE fighters, 20 X-wings, 10 Y-wings.
1 MC140 Scythe-class main battle cruiser: [i]Crix Madine[/i]-16 points.
-Complement: 48 CF9 Crossfire starfighters.
3 EF76 Nebulon-B Frigates: [i]Merciful[/i], [i]Companion[/i] and [i]Stargazer[/i]-24 points.
1 ShaShore-class Frigate: [i]Lawgiver[/i]-8 points.
-Complement: 24 CF9 Crossfire starfighters.
5 CR90 corvettes: [i]Pursuer[/i], [i]Red Hawk[/i], [i]Silver[/i], [i]Acrobat[/i] and [i]Mercurial[/i]-20 points.
2 GR-75 medium transports: [i]Pride of Alderaan[/i] and [i]Son of Commenor[/i]-4 points.
1 VCX-150 light freighter: [i]Restorer[/i]-2 points.
40 Medium Starfighters-An assortment of X-wings and captured TIEs: [i]Red Eyeballs[/i] TIE fighter squadron (16), [i]Pride of Duro[/i] X-wing squadron (12), [i]Dying Suns[/i] X-wing squadron (12). 30 points.
24 Heavy Starfighters-[i]Twin Tails[/i] B-wing squadron (12), [i]Stormbird[/i] K-wing squadron (12). 24 points.
NPC's: -----------------------------
-[b]Lieutenant Commander Gallus Jehengir[/b]: Mon Calamari First officer of the [i]Oathkeeper[/i]. He is an albino, being born and bred in the Northern pole of his homeplanet. As many MonCal officers he is a diligent and quite able subordinate. Admiral Ostrenis considers him a personal friend.
-[b]Commander Arianne Raddovid[/b]: Human female comannder of the Red Eyeballs Squadron. Her flying style is quite frenetic and unconventional.
-[b]Commander Elina Vengelbud[/b]: Female Twi'lek and commander of the Twin Tails Squadron. She is a composed, calm and skilled pilot. Vengelbud is widely known for her phlegmatic demeanour.