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Username: preacher Last Online: Dec 10, 2017 16:38:51 GMT -8
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Gender: Male
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Official Name: Silas Of Biul
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Species: Human descendant
Homeworld: Kilia IV
Occupation: I kill bad men, and them that have done sinful wrongs.
Force Alignment: Neutral
Appearance: The Preacher is 6'3", with long straight black hair, a slight wiry build, piercing blue eyes, and a serious 'Southern Gentleman' demeanor. He carries with him at all times a large, bound book he refers to as 'The Code.' The Preacher owns only the clothes on his back: a well-worn set of serviceable traveling clothes that allow him freedom of movement and a good measure of protection, through liberal use of an armor-weave substitute made on Kilia. The clothing is threadbare, showing signs of several repairs over many years. His boots have holes in the soles, 'The Code' has pages hand-sewn into the spine, but he keeps his pistol clean and the leather oiled. He has never missed when it counted.
Biography: The Preacher (he never uses his given name, it seems a figment of a former life, not in any way related to who he is now) grew up in the underclass of a noble landholding on Kilia IV. MORE TO COME.
Weapons: The Preacher carries a few oddly distinctive weapons, befitting his background on Kilia IV. His sidearm is a four-shot .55 caliber revolver, smithed out of black impervium removed from the surface of a downed starfighter. It is light, well-balanced and packs a punch like a mule's kick. Preacher's lightsaber is likewise unique, built with little to no formal training, and utilizing a very wide-spaced blade arc, creating a yellow beam more the width of a medieval broadsword, and only two feet long. Lastly, Preacher utilizes a shield gauntlet, another article from his homeworld, with which he is extremely proficient.
Force Powers: Preacher has the use of most basic force abilities (speed, cloak, conceal, sight, telepathy, and telekenesis) and in addition, has access to and knowledge of the following:
Deflection, Tapas, Choke, Morichro, Crucitorn, Blinding, Stun, Slow, Wound, Malacia. Note that Preacher knows little of the details of these gifts, including their names or indeed the very nature of the force, its light and dark sides etc. He simply refers to these abilities as his Inner Strength, and makes use of both dark and light powers as he sees fit.
Personal Spaceship: None. (and the Preacher hates flight.)
Traffic Light: Green
Known Masters: Rayfe Arlan of Biul
Known Apprentices: None