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Username: cass Last Online: Nov 30, 2015 0:03:38 GMT -8
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Gender: Male
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Date Registered: Mar 4, 2015 21:32:06 GMT -8
Official Name: Cass Raklin
Quote: The sins of the father shall pass on
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Species: Clone hybrid Chiss and Human
Homeworld: Nirauan
Occupation: "Personal Assistant"
Force Alignment: Light Side
Appearance: 6'2 and strong features. Very built. Chiss like bone structure, hair, and the red eyes. Human skin tone. Black combat suit. Flexible yet durable.
Biography: Thrawn wanted a masterpiece, an heir. So he made himself perfection. Combining his DNA with Mon Mothma's and Emperor Palpatine's he made his life long goal. He left the embryo in the cloning tank and sent it off to be protected from all threats with a group of powerful force monks. Total isolationists they only cared about growing more and more powerful in the Force. Years after Thrawn's death when it became clear to them that none of his attempts at returning to life were successful they let the boy be born. The decades in the tank kept him sane and let the Fore become one with him. He was born with Thrawn's mind, Palpatine's power, and Mothma's leadership and empathy. The monks trained the boy in the Force and the ways of the pure light side of the Force, but they never told him his origins. They knew his destiny was off their hidden backwater planet so when he turned 16 they sent him away. He entered the Imperial Academy became a stand out. His eidetic memory and tactical genius were recognized immediately. The higher ups took advantage and used him for their ends and advancement. Tired of this Cass deserted. Knowing he had a larger role to play in the galaxy but unsure what it is. He wanders the hyperspace lanes looking for his destiny.
Weapons: 3 lightsabers normally stored on his back.
First his his curved hilt saber, Cyan Blade. Cass prefers duling to any other type of fighting. If the situation only lets him carry one weapon this is the one of choice.
A silver standard saber and purple standard are reachable on his back, by his right and left hands respectively.
He also carries a Westat-35 pistol on his hip that he took off a cocky Mando in a sabacc game, and kept it in the fist fight that followed when the kid didn't want to give up what he lost.
Force Powers: Force Lightning
Force Push
Force inferno, speeds up the air molecules to generate intense heat.
Force light, blast of light that penetrates a soul and burns out darkness, sometimes leaving nothing left.
MAster TK

Expert in Form II Makashi
Expert in Jar'Kai
Proficient Form V Shien and Djem So
Traffic Light: Green
Traffic Light Additional: I would really like it if Cass would not die, unless it was at the end of a great story. I am more than willing to play as an NPC that could get killed.
I am open to most any kind of story line. I would love to get tempted by the dark side, have a light influence. I know where i eventually want the character to go, but how i get there i am way open and that's a while down the road too.
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