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Username: kent Last Online: Dec 7, 2017 20:39:21 GMT -8
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Gender: Female
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Official Name: Kent Sophia Austin
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Human
Homeworld: Naboo
Occupation: Orphan/ Refugee
Force Alignment: Neutral
Appearance: Dirty blonde. Bluish gray eyes that have seen too much pain for their age. 5'2 and a fit gymnast's frame, and very strong for her size. She wears simple Jedi apprentice robes and tunics now. She was partial to light gray and silvery colors
Biography: Kent has a truly photographic memory. She remembers everything after she was 2 years old. The time her parents and her were kidnapped by pirates to be sold to the Hutts. There her value became clear, even at the age of 7 her mind seen as a great tool and was talked about throughout the pirate fleet and to every person they met on the way. She was rescued by an overzealous Jedi Knight who did not think through his plan. Kent's parents as well as most of the slaves were killed in the rescue, only 7 of the 40 survived. She was sent with her grandparents before sickness took them both, slow and painful, with Kent watching and memorizing it all, unable to stop herself. She has been wandering the star lanes surviving on wits, her basic force sensitivity and her perfect mind.
Weapons: Kent carries a stolen Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Q2 hold-out blaster pistol,
Force Powers: NON FORCE
A perfect recall memory and an IQ of 180. Main tool.

A basic force sensitivity.
Suggestion, TK sometimes, healing. Others to be discovered as she is untrained.
Personal Spaceship: None
Fleet: None
Ground Forces: Her self
Traffic Light: Green
Traffic Light Additional: Please don't kill me. I am not sure where i want to take this character. I am open to anything and any kind of story. I like her most powerful tool being her mind and not the Force but i really want to develop her more in the ways of the Force, either light or dark.