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Username: charlie Last Online: Feb 4, 2016 14:33:22 GMT -8
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Gender: Female
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Date Registered: Apr 2, 2015 8:19:12 GMT -8
Official Name: Charlie
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Species: Human
Homeworld: Hapes
Occupation: Drifter. Mechanic. Speeder bike racer. Trouble.
Force Alignment: Neutral
Appearance: As with all Hapans, Charlie is blessed / cursed with (according to most humans / near-humans) a startling genetic beauty. She stands 5'9" with the body of a gymnast which she mostly keeps concealed under her favorite speeder bike leathers, well-worn from the racing circuit, and emblazoned with a few chosen sponsors patches.
Weapons: V-92 blaster pistol -- fast, accurate, sleek. Just like me.
Utility vibroknife
Yellow-bladed lightsabre (battle styles known: Form 1 - skilled; Form 2 - understood, proficient; Form 5 - rudimentary)

Force Powers: Excellent control of basic padawan-level force techniques like: Breath Control, Speed, Stealth, Sense, Telekenesis, Jump, Pull/Push, Absorb / Tutaminis, Affect Mind

Rudimentary / limited ability in: Stun, Fear, Malacia, Blind.

Wild affinity for Rage, entirely uncontrolled.
Personal Spaceship: Corellian YT-1100 light freighter, 'Sunny.' Old and well-loved.

Fleet: Well... not a 'fleet,' really. More of a livelihood.

The 'Dime.' Pro-series speeder. Fastest there is. (and I built her.)
The 'Shrike.' For those planets a little less... civilized. Still fast, but with some added built-in survivability. One tough mother. (again, I built her.)
Traffic Light: Green
Traffic Light Additional: Let a girl know before you take me out? Thanks a bunch.