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Official Name: Her Royal Highness, Princess Standash Alizarin Thul of Alderaan, President of the Galactic Alliance Senate
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Human
Homeworld: Alderaan
Occupation: Senator and Diplomat and Heir to the Alderaan Throne
Force Alignment: Non-Force
Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
Appearance: Long flowing blonde hair. Crystal like blue eyes. She is 5'11" 135lbs. She has a dancer's body. She works very hard to stay in shape. Her smile is said to light up a room. When angry she becomes very calm and cool. He demeanor changes, her eyes almost turn gray and appear to see within a very soul. She normally she inspires awe when people see her. Her looks are normally what people first notice, but anyone that thinks she is just a pretty face soon learns the hard way.
Biography: Standash is the product of a final peace between the families Organa and Thul. Her father was a Thul, and her mother was 3rd inline for the Throne as an Organa. The families blessed this union expecting that it would finish the rivalry that had gone on between the houses for millennia. This was all before the other sisters withdrew from the throne making Standash's mother the next in line, and Standash the future heir. She was trained in politics by both sides of her family and Standash ate it up. She became very driven to one end, she wanted nothing more than to lead. She would make allies where she could, and crush anyone that stood against her. When it was decided she was old enough she was made the Senator of Alderaan in the Galactic Republic. She made her debut at a charity event.
Weapons: She was trained her entire life in the Echani arts, and she is very good. She is a good shot with most any blaster, but in the peaceful spirit of her people she rarely carries one.
Force Powers: NON FORCE
She is very smart and savvy. Ambition for more drives her, she is never satisfied.
Personal Spaceship: She owned a mirrored green H-type Nubian Yacht that she used as her main diplomatic transport. Named Juran Midnight.

When a mission called for something larger and more well crewed, she uses a CR92a, Unknown Tongue.
Traffic Light: Green
NPC's: Annelise Sitar, Aide-De-camp. Human, easily forgettable in appearance. Pretty enough, but nothing anyone would remember. She raised to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the small Alderaanian Defense Force. Like most in the unarmed force, she focused on intelligence gathering and tactics. This made her the perfect choice for an assistant to the new Senator and future queen, Standash Thul.
Accomplishments/Goals: Become Supreme Chancellor- Completed
Unite most of the galaxy
Have her influence felt everywhere.