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Quote: When I look at you, all I see is trouble... But whatever I love trouble.
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Occupation: Jedi
Force Alignment: Light Side
Affiliation: The Mist Order
Appearance: [IMG][/IMG]


180 lbs
Blue/Green eyes.
Black light leather armor along with black pants and over it black boots completed with a long red coat.

Casual outfit whenever he is out and about & his own personalized tattoo.
[url=]♫[/url] Leavin your smell on my coat, leavin your taste on my shoulder.
I still fail to understand what it is about this [url=]woman.[/url]
Biography: [IMG][/IMG]
Only a couple of people know his background. But what it is commonly known is that Atlantis has a twin brother. He is the eldest one out of the both of them.

The Vyridians were adopted by Coruscanti and they were found at the age of 3. Atlantis' lineage is something he doesn't like to dwell onto since that was a long time ago for him and his brother.

When he was younger, his affinity in the Force was already strong just like Andros' was. They trained in the Temple in Coruscant but they didn't stay for far too long there as they both joined CorSec with that decision, they were given the Sentinel Class. But of course that lasted just until Atlantis had no choice but go from Sentinel to Guardian class.

After a misunderstanding, he and his brother became enemies. That was of course during the time when Atlantis decided to quit CorSec and try to find a solution to bring his brother back to the lighter side. He found those answers when he landed on Anobis and immediately he found several allies within the New Jedi Order and the Emerald Order but also in the people that regularly visited Anobis.

It wasn't long before Atlantis became a Councilor there in Anobis for the EO and that was followed by him bringing back senses in his brother's mind.

He also fell in love with someone but she joined the Force a while after which shattered Atlantis but then again he was brought back to his senses by a trusted friend that he nevertheless considers her like his Master.

Atlantis was present the day when the temple on Anobis was destroyed and that brought great sorrow to him, he felt powerless and said to himself that he would serve what he does best bring justice and keep peace at all cost.

Now here he is, in Umgul appointed by the Senator Jade himself to create a Jedi Order in the planet and be the Headmaster.

His story is still written and will last a long time.
Weapons: [IMG][/IMG]
Yellow bladed lightsaber
Velmorite & Firkrann

Black bladed lightsaber
Stygium & Damind

Blue lightsaber
Lorrdian & Kasha

Added to that standard sword made of cortosis and durasteel along with some throwing knives on his belt.
Force Powers: [IMG][/IMG]
Force Absorb
Force Diminish
Alter Environment
Force Empathy
Sever Force
Electric Judgment

[b]His lineage of a Tarkin granted him a proficiency in these two force powers, two that he will never use nor perfect at all for it is not him and he is still a Jedi at heart[/b]
[i]Thought Bomb[/i]
[i]Force Destruction[/i]
Personal Spaceship: [IMG][/IMG]
T-class long-range personal cruiser
Traffic Light: Orange
Traffic Light Additional: [IMG][/IMG]
Love to have some sort of plots, something in scratch that is brought on paper by any means possible as long as my character doesn't get killed for now because his story isn't complete yet, then I am okay with that. People can PM me if they wish and I am very open to write with other people.
Accomplishments/Goals: [IMG][/IMG]
- was an EO Councilor.
- battled in many wars and was in the winning side.
- leading a Jedi faction on Umgul with trusted friends.
[color=#00BFFF][b]Former Galactic Economic High Councilor[/b] - [i]June 2011 to March 2012[/i]
[b]Former Galactic RolePlay & Economic High Councilor[/b] - [i]March 2012 to June 2012[/i]
[b]Former Players' Guild High Councilor[/b] - [i]December 2012 to May 2013[/i][/color]
Author: [IMG][/IMG]