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Official Name: Fleet Admiral the Lord Xakire Callidus (Full Title) / Darth Odium (Sith Name)
Quote: Peace is a lie, there is only passion
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Species: Human
Homeworld: None (Born on on board his fathers ship)
Occupation: Sith Apprentice, Fleet Admrial in the First Order
Force Alignment: Sith
Affiliation: The First Order
Appearance: Xakire normally wears a simple black outfit designed for maximum agility, comfortablity, and light weight while still being somewhat protective.

Biography: Thousands of years ago House Callidus was one of Alderaan's Great Houses. For many years they were deeply involved in the politics and military affairs of Alderaan. When Alderaan became embroiled in a bloody civil war following the Great Galactic War, House Callidus supported the previously exiled Pro-Sith Empire House Thul, at first covertly but as the war raged on eventually overtly. Eventually, after the end of the war House Callidus and House Thul were exiled. Most of House Callidus fled to Dromund Kaas and many chose to enter the politics and military of the Sith Empire itself.

The House remained mostly united, supporting various causes until the Clone Wars where some supported the Republic, their traditional enemies, while others supported the Separatists or stayed neutral. When Chancellor Palpatine declared the end of the Clone Wars and the proclamation of the Galactic Empire, however the House came to immediately support him. Artann Callidus, who was at this time the head of the House, had fought as a naval commander for the Republic during the Clone Wars and achieved much success. At the end of the war, he managed to strike a deal with now Emperor Palpatine where House Callidus would be allowed back to Alderaan in exchange for their support of his new regime, which was especially valuable as Alderaan was no fan of the new Empire. Following this, Artann reunited House Callidus and they returned to Alderaan. House Callidus became the public symbol of the Empire on Alderaan and as the Empire clamped harder and harder down on the planet they gained more and more influence and power, though were hated by much of the population. Many of House Callidus were killed when the Death Star destroyed Alderaan but a number of the were off world at the time. Artann Callidus who at this time was a serving as a Moff in an isolated but rich Outer Rim Sector. Artann was a smart tactician and secured his sector for the empire. Rumors later emerged that the Emperor himself had ordered Artann to take that region of space because he believed there to be an important Sith artifact hidden there many years ago. It is not known if it was ever found or even if it exists. When the Emperor was killed and the Empire began collapsing, Callidus defended their sector from any incursions from other Imperials or Republic forces fiercely but seldom left their small isolated territory. There were some instances where they assisted various Imperial factions, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn but this was rare and they mostly kept to themselves. This meant that much of their fleet remained intact and it was well maintained.

Artann Callidus eventually had a son, Xakire who he immediately instilled the values and traditions of the Empire. Xakire was a smart child but he seemed….different. When he was 10 he accidentally killed one of his father officers who had angered him by unintentionally using the Dark Side power known as Deadly Sight. After this incident he seemingly displayed Force sensitivity in a number of other incidents to follow. His father, wasn’t sure what he was dealing with and so sought the counsel of Zojur, a reclusive and mysterious figure who was found on a remote planet by Artann. Zojur was secretly a Sith Pureblood who still practised the Dark Side. Not much is known about him but he took Xakire under his wing and trained him in the Dark Side. For years Xakire knew only pain as he trained under his cruel and sadistic master. Despite this, he came out of his training a skilled swordsman and a powerful force user. When he was 18, he was allowed to leave his training at times and he used this time commanding some of his father's ships in battle where he proved skilled at naval combat.

Eventually, his father died and Xakire inherited much of the fleet with some remaining with his uncle who stayed in the remote sector guarding whatever this secret was. It was during this time that the First Order was being formed, secretly. Xakire decided that now was the time to leave and left his sadistic master with the fleet to join the First Order a cause he hoped to dedicate himself to, in his pursuit for power. It was here that he met Viox Savage, a Sith Lord who took him on as his apprentice...
Weapons: [img][/img]
Xakire wields two orange bladed lightsabers that he built himself. They are identical and mostly made from Phrik.

Xakire is a skilled naval and military commander and but he is also a master swordsman and prefers to fight with many fast, accurate strikes from his lightsabers to overwhelm his enemy rather than by using physical strength. He often uses his force powers in combat though his main strength is his swordsmanship.

Lightsaber Forms and Force Skills:

Ranking Key: Master, Adept, Skilled, Average, Below Average

Lightsaber Forms:

Form I Shii Cho: Master

Form II Makashi: Adept

Form III Soresu: Skilled

Form IV: Ataru: Master

Form V Shien: Average

Form VI Niman: Master

Jar'Kai: Master

Form VII Juyo/Vaapad: Adept
Force Powers: Force Powers:

Force Lightning: Skilled

Force Choke/Crush: Master

Force Scream: Adept

Force Agility/Speed: Master

Telekinesis: Adept

Battle Meditation: Adept

Mind Trick: Adept

Sith Alchemy: Below Average

Saber Throw: Master

Force Sphere: Average

Force Maelstrom: Skilled

Protection Bubble: Below Average

Drain Knowledge*: Average

Torture by Chagrin*: Average

Deadly Sight*: Adept

*= To be used only if the discussed with and agreed on with the target
Personal Spaceship: Refitted Fury Class Interceptor (Named Interceptor)

Fleet: [img][/img]

[b]1 Nebula Class Star Destroyer[/b]


[b]2 Victory-II Class Star Destroyers[/b]


[b]2 Vindicator Class Cruisers[/b]


[b]1 Immobilizer 418 Cruiser[/b]


[b]4 Ardent Class Fast Frigates[/b]


[b]5 Raider II Class Corvettes[/b]


[b]5 Marauder Class Corvettes[/b]
Ground Forces: WIP
Traffic Light: Green
Known Masters: Viox Savage
NPC's: [b]Vice Admiral Korales Quinn[/b]

Admiral Quinn is the Executive Officer of Victory Command (the First Order’s designation for Xakire’s fleet) and right hand man of Xakire. He is an intelligent and competent officer who carries himself with unrivalled professionalism. He is the very definition of a loyal patriot who puts the First Order before everything, save his master. He first met Xakire when Xakire was only a young Captain in his father’s fleet. Quinn had been disgraced earlier after being made the scapegoat of his superior’s failures during a skirmish with pirates and he had been demoted to Sublieutenant and assigned to the [i]Sabre[/i], a Raider-Class Corvette assigned as a simple patrol duties. Xakire came into command of the small squadron as a young officer and came to like and respect Quinn. Xakire decided to give Quinn a chance to prove himself again and ensured his father promoted Quinn who thereafter rose through the ranks with Xakire as his right hand man. Since then, Quinn has remained fiercely loyal to his master.


[b]General Marmax Harvat[/b]

General Harvat is an older, more traditional by the book officer. He’s loyal but stubborn and always speaks his mind though he still follows orders from his superiors even if he disagrees. He commands the ground forces under Xakire’s command.


[b]Lieutenant Colonel Rygar Pierce[/b]

Colonel Pierce is the Commanding Officer of Stalker Battalion, Xakire’s most elite special forces. He is a smart officer who leads his men from the front and commands a great deal of respect for them.

Accomplishments/Goals: Goals:

To establish Order in the Galaxy

To destroy the Jedi

To expand personal power

Preserve and grow the power of the Sith

Author: I am pretty new at Rping and hope to expand my skills, so at the moment I may not be the best writer around.