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Official Name: Harnan Ren
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Booty Connoisseur
Force Alignment: Dark Side
Affiliation: Knights of Ren
Appearance: [img][/img]








Biography: Born sometime around 3640 BBY on the planet Zakuul, Harnan grew up during the height of the Eternal Empire, which had conquered the known galaxy, forcing the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire of the time to submit to its rule. It became apparent from a young age, that Harnan could harness the power of the force, an ability which was quickly discovered by the Scions of Zakuul, who acted to recruit him into the ranks of the Knights of Zakuul.

Like many kids his age, Harnan idolised the mighty Knights of the Eternal Empire, whom had brought peace, justice, and unity to a galaxy that had long been divided by the Jedi and Sith, whom sought only to strengthen themselves and wage endless wars against one another. It was this desire to be like them, which drove him to excel in his training, honing his skills to become a tool of justice, instead of a weapon of war.

By the time his initial training had finished, Harnan was the image of a perfect cadet, his handle of skills well beyond that of his peers, and his training regimen leaving him in perfect physical condition. No matter the challenge that was presented to him, he always rose above it, and came out the other side all the stronger for it.

Towards the end of his training, the High Justice Vaylin made a visit to oversee a series of training sessions that were put on in her honour. From the moment he laid eyes upon her, he had been entranced by her beauty, and the sheer raw power that she exuded. Of all the Knights, she was one of the few who outmatched his power, and he intended to make sure she knew the others did not stand a chance.

Match after match he went through, defeating his opponents with ease, and leaving something of an impression upon the High Justice. It was thus, that he was pitted against a captured Sith, with nothing more than the few pieces of leather armour that he wore. With no weapon of his own, Harnan was forced to dodge as the Sith came at him, the red lightsaber finding only empty air. Knowing he couldn’t just dodge, he made a grab for his opponent’s hand, before being forced to retreat as the saber grazed his chest.

With that, play time was over, as he set his gaze upon the Sith. As the Sith swung at him again, he dodged to the side, before his hand shot out and grabbed the man’s wrist, his grip like steel. There was a sudden panic in the Sith’s eyes, as Harnan twisted his opponents arm, forcing the man to his knees as he relieved the Sith of his lightsaber. As he placed the blade close to the man’s neck, he looked up to Vaylin, and awaited her judgment. With a nod from her, he ended the man’s life. He then turned and walked away, the body falling to the ground as he took his trophy.

In that moment, he felt his faith shaken by such an act. The Jedi and Sith were dangerous to be sure, but to sentence a defeated opponent to death so casually, that was not justice. With the training matches over, and his superiority proven, Harnan received his first commission as a Knight of Zakuul, from the High Justice herself. Whilst part of him naively struggled with her decision, he still felt honoured by such an act.

A few years into his service, Harnan was ambushed by a group of Jedi and Sith from The Alliance whom managed to overpower him through sheer numbers. With no other choice, he was forced to surrender and allow himself be taken prisoner. They knew he posed a threat to them, but the Jedi argued they could not just kill him outright, and so instead, they subjected him to suspended animation, pending a trial which never came.

With the war escalating, he was loaded into a prison ship which was sent into the farthest reaches of the galaxy, where he would spent the next several centuries in sleep. The ship continued to run on an automated course over the years, slowly decaying as it did so, which lead to the death or escape of various prisoners that had been held alongside Harnan, until one day, through the will of the force, the ship was discovered by the Knights of Ren.

Amongst this group, was Illaria Ren, whom uncovered Harnan’s prison cell amongst all those that laid empty within the ship. It was by her hand, that he was awoken from his slumber, to find that everyone he had known was long dead, and that the Eternal Empire that he had once served, had been overthrown decades ago by the Jedi and Sith alliance. But as he gazed upon his saviour, he knew that he could not give into despair, not when he saw that look in her eyes. He knew that so long as she looked at him like that, that everything would be alright.

In that moment, he made a pledge to himself to never allow that innocence, to ever be corrupted by the same damnation and understanding that he now felt. For it was with the revelations of the Alliance’s victory, that he now understood why the Jedi and Sith could never be allowed to live, for to do so, was to allow chaos to reign. And so, he pledged himself to the Knights of Ren, and began his training anew…

Weapons: [url=]Red Bladed Lightsaber[/url]

[url=]Red Bladed Lightsaber Pike[/url]

Fleet: [img][/img]
[i]The Resurgence[/i] ([url=]Resurgent-class Star Destroyer[/url])

Ground Forces: [img][/img]
3 Battalions of Riot Control Trooper's (Traitor Troopers!)

3 Regiments of Stromtroopers

A Battalion of FlameTroopers



8 [url=]Elite speeder bike[/url]

3 [url=]AT-RCT[/url]

NPC's: [img][/img]
Atlantia Ren - Female Near Human (Booty Scientist)

Atlantia’s past is obscured much by the fact that Harnan is the only person to know her full story and never spoke of it to anyone but the Master of the Knights of Ren. What is known, though, is that Atlantia grew up on a number of Outer Rim Worlds, oblivious to her ability with the force, as she was traded like a commodity from one lecherous owner to another. Her unique physiology caught her a high price amongst the more perverted members of society, with her duties ranging from master to master. Eventually though, she murdered her last master, taking advantage of his more kindly nature when he removed her collar once.

But she quickly found life on her own was not easy, and she soon found herself falling back into work similar to her previous enslavement. But those who sought to exploit her for their own financial gain, soon tracked her down on Nar Shaddaa, where Harnan Ren just happened to be on a mission, and was drawn to her by a shift in the force. By the time he arrived, Atlantia was curled up naked on the ground, whilst the slavers were beating into her, each having had their turn with her. His gaze had briefly met the pitiful cry for help that Atlantia had given him with her eyes, before he had drawn his saber. He had extracted upon those men, a pain which had rooted the others in their place, not one of them able to escape the bloodbath.

When at last it was all over and done with, he had looked down upon Atlantia, sensing the potential she had within her. He had then removed his cloak and wrapped her in it, covering up her shame, before taking her into his arms as he carried her out of the alley. He promised to teach her the ways of the Knights of Ren, so that she could look after herself, and extract vengeance upon all those that had done this to her. She had bonded with him in that moment, deciding to trust him after what she had seen, knowing that he would keep his word. From then on, and with the Masters blessing, she trained under his tutelage, modelling herself after Harnan.


Samarra Tariel - Female Human (Operative)



Designation: Destroyer Droid - Super Tank Ultima Directive (DD-STUD)
Height: 1.47 m (4.8 ft)
Weight: 55 kg (121.2 lb)
[list][*]Buzz saw
[*]Electric pike
[*]Fusion welder
[*]Data probe
[*]Power recharge coupler
[*]Fire extinguisher
[*]Life-form scanner
[*]Short-range comms array
[*]Rocket boosters[/list]