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Username: jawa Last Online: Aug 25, 2017 17:38:33 GMT -8
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Official Name: Tsutmigaint 'Mig'
Quote: Howdy Y'all, this is a hold up.
Gender: Male
Age: 60
Species: Jawa
Homeworld: Tatooine
Occupation: Courier
Force Alignment: Non-Force
Appearance: [quote]Unlike other Jawas, Mig forgoes the cumbersome robes for clothing better suited to life on a speeder bike. A functional but covering pair of trousers & long-sleeve button-up shirt cover most of his body & is made of the same material as most jawa robes. Over these is a heavy pair of furry chaps. A utility belt is wrapped around his waist, with an belt with spare reloads & pistol tools hanging just below it. A pair of bandoleers are crossed over his chest. Over all of that is a leather duster, & a wide-brimmed Mariachi hat that hides his face behind a curtain of beads, except for his glowing eyes. Occasional glimpses past the curtain of beads hanging from the brim of his hat reveals a metal lower jaw, the source of the metallic rasp in his voice. [/quote]
Biography: [quote]Tsutmigaint, known more commonly to the humans he deals with as 'Mig', has been attempting to make a name for himself on Tatooine as a reliable & fast courier. This obsession started when he recently found & repaired an old BARC speeder bike. Since the wastelands can be a difficult & dangerous place away from the security of the clan, Mig has taken to carrying around a C-52 be traded from some old scrap.

He has just recently accidentally found a clan, Sand Lightning, after being cast out of his original clan. [/quote]
Weapons: [quote]a pair of C-52 Elite Marksman Interceptors in a low slung holsters on his hips. Cut & filed down so that they can be drawn quickly & smoothly. [/quote]
Personal Spaceship: [quote]Silver
A ancient crashed GR-75 medium transport with a pair of the smaller GR-45s fused to either side. The interior space has been converted into the mobile home & fortress of the Sand Lightning Clan. Much of the exterior is a reflective glossy state due to the ancient battle damage, while the remainder of the hull has been plated in shiny plate salvaged from other starships. [/quote]
Fleet: [quote]Sand Lightning Clan

7 Docs/3 Sheriffs/2 Preachers
*The keepers of the lore & the leaders of the clan, they command absolute loyalty from any other clan members within sight. Docs are masters of tech & lore serving as the brains of the clan. Sheriffs are those especially skilled in leading others in battle, planning for battles, or fighting. Preachers keep the clan by studying deeply in the book of sand, providing others in the clan with needed guidance.

750 Roughriders
*The main force of the Clan, the Roughriders are those members of the clan that have managed to steal, build or repair a mount of their own. Armed with a collection of pistols, rifles, carbines & slugthrowers.

3,200 Warboys
*The future of the clan, the warboys are those that have yet to acquire a mount of their own. They either toil away in the Silver as mechanics or other menial roles, or attach themselves to Roughriders in the hopes of gaining their own ride. Usually armed with bowie style knives & small personal weapons.

1,150 Warpups
*Those members of the Clan too young or old to ride are called warpups. The young are trained up to be warboys, both male & female. While the older members shift their duties away from interacting with outsiders & to maintaining the clan.

*With the resources from a looted Imperial transport filled with TIE parts, the clan mostly uses custom made 'ugly' craft mostly out of custom made TIE parts with additional parts salvaged from any number of other vehicles (often known as airTIEs).
*They mostly function as multi-seat airspeeders, though some exist with lower maximum altitudes or smaller size.
*Nearly all are armed, though the weapons vary widely based on what was available at the time & the personal preferences of the Roughrider.
*They use both repulsors & TIE engines, even the massive war rigs are outfitted with them in addition to their track systems. This grants them incredible speed & maneuverability, at the cost of making them extremely loud. Few of the Sand Lightning Clan view the engine noise as a disadvantage, however.

750 Air/TIE Uglies
11 M-ETT War Rigs
1 Survey War Rig
1 Eyeball War Rig[/quote]
Ground Forces: [quote]a Biker Advanced Recon Commando (BARC) speeder
*Most of the exterior plates are missing, instead being covered with a number of leather pads.
*A number of saddlebag like carrying cases have been strapped to the long nose of the bike, holding everything Mig owns that he doesn't care on himself.[/quote]
NPC's: [quote]*Docs: Chop (Medical), Qaqulil (Eyeball Rig), Doc Brown, 4 other
*Sheriffs: Deangelo (Palace Defenses), Xiuying, 1 other
*Preachers: Thatch (Speaker War Rig), 1 other[/quote]
Accomplishments/Goals: [quote]*Stole the Engine Car of the train during the FO train heist on Garqi.[/quote]
Author: [quote]A Character of the Admiralty OOC.[/quote]
Elder of the Sand Lightning Jawa Clan