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Official Name: Faelan Bralor
Quote: [i]Haat, ijaa, haa'it.[/i]
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Species: Human
Homeworld: Manda'yaim
Occupation: Mercenary
Force Alignment: Non-Force
Affiliation: The Mando'ade
Appearance: [quote]

Standing at 5'11", Faelan has a build more wiry than heavily muscled, and has dark reddish brown shoulder length hair, light blue eyes, and an aquiline nose.


Faelan's [i]beskar'gam[/i] is black and green, symbolizing justice and duty.

Biography: [quote]

[b]Raicheal, Faelan, and Lorcan[/b] (left to right)

Weapons: [quote]1.) [url=]Dissuader KD-30 slugthrower[/url]

The KD-30 slugthrower pistol was a small model of highly specialized slugthrower pistol, which weighed 1.4 kilograms. With a range of 100 meters, it fired metal-coated slugs which were hollow and filled with borless acid. The contents of these projectiles would eat through any armor that it struck, as well as flesh and bone. Ten of these slugs could be fired before a KD-30 needed to be reloaded.


2.) [url=]A280 blaster rifle[/url]


Personal Spaceship: [quote][url=]M22-T Krayt gunship[/url], The [i]Jai'galaar[/i]

NPC's: [quote][b]Lorcan Bralor[/b]

37 year old male Human, younger brother of Faelan. Stands at 5'11", and is more heavily muscled than his brother. Keeps his hair cut short, seldom shaves, and is more hot-blooded than Faelan, who is typically more cool and calculating.


Lorcan wears blue [i]beskar'gam[/i], symbolizing the reliability he is known for.


[quote][b]Raicheal Bralor[/b]

30 year old female Human, clanswoman of Faelan and Lorcan. Standing at 5'7", Raicheal has a lightly muscled build and a dour disposition.


Raicheal wears gray [i]beskar'gam[/i], presumably in mourning for a lost love, though she does not speak of her past and has never confirmed the reason behind the color she has chosen for her armor.


[quote][b]Torin Bralor[/b]

65 year old human male. Leader of clan Bralor.



[quote][b]Fionnuala "Fee" Priest[/b]

37 year old female near-human of mixed Morganian and Lorrdian ancestry. Fionnuala stands at a mere 5'3", has pointed ears, a mane of blonde dreadlocks, a body covered with several floral tattoos, and, green eyes.


Fionnuala is a childhood friend of Lorcan Bralor. Small but fierce, Fionnuala wears orange [i]beskar'gam[/i] and has a vivacious, cheerful disposition that often causes those unfamiliar with her to underestimate her.
Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur.