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Username: mir Last Online: Dec 13, 2017 23:28:18 GMT -8
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Gender: Female
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Date Registered: Mar 5, 2016 23:06:34 GMT -8
Official Name: Jedi Master Mir-Atash Delphi
Gender: Male
Age: 92
Species: Human
Homeworld: Tralus
Occupation: Jedi
Force Alignment: Jedi
Appearance: An old man, still in shape. 5'11 on the rare occasions he actually stands up straight, around 160lbs. White hair and a white beard contrast withered blue eyes. Rarely ever smiles.

When younger, he was a different man entirely. Always smiling, long dreadlocks. Always looking for the good in everything.
Young Mir

Biography: He is an old Jedi that has seen a lot and somehow survived it all. His experiences have made him very cynical. He is committed to the Jedi way, but sees it as a fight that can never really be won. The one soft spot he still has is for children. He has collected small but valuable trinkets from across the Galaxy. Whenever he befriends a child, he gives them one. Uncle Delphi, is his favorite name, and being called that is one of the only things guaranteed to bring a smile to the old man's face.
Weapons: One of his few points of pride came from have used just one lightsaber in his life. A dual phase. It was a chrome cylinder with a black base grip. Bronze rings and nobs accented the weapon. The blade was silver and light green.
Force Powers: He is an expert in Form VI, and is known to have a heavy Trakata influence in his dueling.
Master TK
Force Light
Near master mind trick
Master healing
Electric Judgement
Personal Spaceship: A GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat "Job's Test"