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Gender: Male
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Official Name: Jack Morgan
Quote: Time for some thrilling Heroics
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Species: Human
Homeworld: Tatooine
Occupation: Gunslinger/Outlaw/Smuggler
Force Alignment: Non-Force
Affiliation: The Renegade Crew
Appearance: [img][/img]

Jack Morgan stands at 6' even and weighs in at 200lbs, most of which is toned and tightened muscle. He has a scar which goes through the left side of his lip. Jack has rough stubble across his chin, which could pass as a light beard. He has medium blue eyes. In many cases most of the woman Jack meets tend to find irresistible. Jack's skin is slightly roughed by years of being on Tatooine in the coarse sand and sweltering heat. On Jack's upper right arm is a tattoo of a former girlfriend, he also has a similar tattoo on his upper left arm of a different girlfriend. Jack has a scar on his upper torso running in a horizontal slash caused by vibro knife from a bar fight.

Jack's usual attire is a light brown duster with a dark brown large brimmed hat. Beneath that he wears a rust coloured collar shirt, dark tan coloured pants and krayt dragon hide boots with durasteel plates in the toe. He also has a utility belt that serves as storage for the tools that Jack might need while on the job.

Jack can usually be seen either smoking a Sweet Williams cigar or chewing on a toothpick.

Biography: Not much is known about Jack's early childhood, except that he was pickpocket who lived on the dusty streets of Mos Eisley on the desert planet of Tatooine. One day Jack was caught while pickpocketing a Gangster by the name of Morgan Chase, who eventually took Jack under his wing. Chase taught Jack how to blend into a crowd, pick a lock, as well as help Jack hone his pickpocketing skills. By the time Jack was fifteen he was a master pickpocket, lock picker and had the ability to vanish in a crowd without a trace. It was around this time that Morgan Chase began teaching Jack how to shoot a blaster. It didn't take long for Jack to became a crack shot. Eventually the duo managed to secure transport off of Tatooine and headed on to bigger prospects. During a safe heist in a high rise on Corellia, the escape speeder was shot down by Corsec. Chase and the speeder pilot both died on impacted. Jack hadn't been in the speeder at the time, since he was sent elsewhere to cause a distraction so that his mentor could escape with the stolen loot. Through some serious crowd blending and a few lucky pickpockets, Jack had managed to get to the burning speeder and collect the loot before Corsec could arrest him.

After the death of his mentor Jack took Morgan Chase's first name as his last to honor him. Jack then purchased an old Wayfarer-Class Medium Transport using the loot from the safe heist, and began his life as a smuggler known as Captain Jack Morgan. Jack returned home to Tatooine to find a crew, it was there that he won two blasters from an old drunk in a drinking game. That was also the same night that he met Risha and River and got their portraits tattooed on his arms. Jack would recount that night as the best night ever, so much so that he named his new blasters after the two gorgeous women.

Jack went on several jobs, before he freed a Wookiee slave by the name of Crowdarr from a life of slavery by the Hutts. This prompted the Wookiee to swear a life debt to Jack. While Jack enjoys the Wookiee's company, at the end of the day Jack always tells Crowdarr that he doesn't owe him anything and that he doesn't need to stick around, to which the Large Wookiee would ignore. It was obvious that Jack trusted Crowdaar with his life and vice versa.

While making a standard spice run over Ord Mantel, Jack's ship was shot down by rebel forces operating off of Ord Mantel. Most of Jack's crew were killed during the crash, besides Crowdaar and Quinn a former Republic SIS agent. Jack and the remaining members of his crew took what was left of the spice and sold it to a local crime boss. Now Jack and his crew are trapped on Ord Mantel waiting at a sleazy Saloon, waiting for work...(Takes place in the Journal of the Whills entry Can't take the Sky from Me)
Weapons: [img][/img]

Jack's dual Blasters which he has named "Risha & River"
or "R&R"
Personal Spaceship: [img][/img]

-The Renegade is Jack's new ship one that he picked up on Ord Mantel during the events of Can't Take the Sky from Me. The Renegade seems like any ordinary YT-2400 to the the untrained eye, since getting the ship Jack and his crew have been modifying it to suit their needs, such as a Wookiee sized bed and a state of the art kitchen, not to mention many hidden compartments for storing their sometimes illegal
NPC's: [img][/img]
- Wookiee Male, Jack's Most Trusted Friend, The Chief of security

Felix Quinn
- Former Crew member, Cathar Male, Former SIS Agent, Sector Ranger Deep cover Agent, The Crew's cook/ Intel Officer
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