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Username: altairsirraf Last Online: Dec 15, 2017 21:20:53 GMT -8
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Gender: Male
Posts: 206
Date Registered: Dec 29, 2016 23:57:54 GMT -8
Official Name: Captain Altair Sirraf
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Force Alignment: Other
Affiliation: Unknown
Appearance: [quote][color=red]1.8 meters tall
tanned skin
black dreadlocks
dark green eyes[/color][/quote]
Weapons: [quote][color=red]Modified DXR-6 Disruptor Pistol (disruptor rifle Core put into a modified pistol casing)

Slicer suit
Armored enhancements
Personal shield
Personal cloaking device
Jet-blast boots[/color][/quote]
Personal Spaceship: [quote][color=red]Modified Fury-Class Interceptor (4pts)
Modified hyper-drive
Modified stealth tech
Modified shielding

Armament - enhancements unknown
- (4) precision Laser Cannons
- (6) Missile Launchers[/color][/quote]
Fleet: [quote][color=blue]1x Modified Hammerhead-Class Star Cruiser
("The Gadriel'Alora'lya") (16 pts)
3x Hammerhead Corvettes
("Requiem") (4pts)
("Maugrim") (4pts)

16x Twin-tail Starfighter (8 pts)
16x Aurek-class Starfighters (8 pts)
1x Modified Aurek-Class Starfighter (1/2 pts)

2x Kappa-class shuttles (1 1/2 pts)[/color][/quote]
Ground Forces: [quote][color=orange]50 Clone Troopers (Phase II armor)
2 squadrons (6) V-wing Airspeeders

23x Shadow Walkers (???)
Personal Cloaking device
Various weapons specializations
Known Locations
Shadow - Jabiim
Darius - Jabiim (deceased)
Shade - Naboo
20 - Unknown

*Points for ground forces disrupted as needed under various Shadowalkers deployments - the rest to be determined via Storyline then added here.[/color][/quote]
Traffic Light: Blue
Traffic Light Additional: Up for anything, PM me or just bump into me wherever.
Known Masters: Gadriel'lora'lya
Known Apprentices: None
NPC's: [quote][color=blue][u][b]=Altair's Fleet Crew=[/b][/u]
Riley: Acting Cruiser/Fleet Captain
Lucian: Corvette Captain
Jez: Corvette Captain
???: Corvette Captain
Awen: Ships Medic[/color]

[color=orange][b][u]=Altair's Guard=[/u][/b]
D'lyse: ARC Commander (Tactical Command)
Janus: Twin ARC Captains (Pilots)
Liz: ARC Sergeant (Sniper)
Fuze: Arc Sergeant (Demolitions)
Stitch: Arc Sergeant (Medic)[/color]

Accomplishments/Goals: [quote][color=purple]Altair and his men served under the Command of Jedi Master Gadriel'alora'lya during the Chaos War on the Planet Felucia.[/color][/quote]