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Official Name: Grand Master Aerandir Calmcacil
Quote: It's not who I am underneath, but what I [i]do[/i] that defines me.
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Species: Human
Homeworld: Felucia
Occupation: Grand Master of the Jedi Order
Force Alignment: Jedi
Affiliation: The Jedi Order
Appearance: [quote]Aerandir is 6'3" tall and has a lithe, athletic build. He typically keeps his brown hair at a medium length; his eyes are green. He typically dresses in more casual clothing, forgoing traditional Jedi apparel, but will don them if he sees fit or should the situation call for it.[/quote]
Biography: [quote][size=150][b][i][u]HISTORY:[/u][/i][/b][/size]
Aerandir Michael Calmcacil's life began on the Outer Rim planet of Deralia, a world of little significance. He was discovered and trained by a small group of Jedi that originated from Deralia and nearby systems, who'd made the oceanic world their base. Stationed in a modest outpost at first, Aerandir was personally trained by Bruce Terry, the group's figurehead, alongside other Jedi he would form a close bond and friendship with.

The group was based on teachings from a woman named Margaret Dawson, who was at odds with the teachings of the old Jedi Order. Her teachings gained a small following in the Jedi of Deralia, and the group slowly began to grow as they discovered and brought in more children from the system to be trained as Jedi. Eventually, they would pool resources together and, in a secluded forested area, constructed a new Temple for their Order, one that resembled the Great Massassi Temple of Yavin IV outwardly.

Aerandir, now a young adult and Jedi Knight, would help form the Temple's hierarchy and even become part of its Council. After the tragic early death of his parents, he would also become the guardian of his two very young sisters, twins Michelle and Annabelle. Not long afterward, he would also take on a Padawan, a young orphan boy named Jamie Daniels.

It was a little over a year later when came the arrival of their soon-to-be mortal foes. A Sith, masquerading as the infamous Sith Lord Sidious, led a small contingent of self-fashioned Imperial forces against the world, including brainwashed doppelgangers posing as apprentices Maul and Vader. It was the Maul doppelganger that made first contact with the Jedi of the planet, dueling Aerandir in battle. He managed to force a stalemate, but only after Jamie, seeing his Master and friend in trouble, attempted to sneak attack the disillusioned Sith. Unfortunately, the attempt cost the boy his life.

Thus, the war began, and already had its first casualty. Seeking the aid of the local systems' military, the Jedi banded together with them to create a resistance, fighting against the Sith and their attempts to "rebuild" the Empire. Why they would start with a backwater world of no importance, none could be certain.

Despite the loss of Jamie, Aerandir would press on. Michelle, then three, would become his next student. When she learned the truth of Jamie's demise a couple years later, she used it as motivation to excel in her training, lest she fall victim to the same fate. As she grew more talented, she would even accompany him on isolated strikes against their foes, but would stay behind if she was in over her head.

Aerandir would even have a child with a woman named Cassie Leonard, a peer of his he grew up with. The daughter, whom they named Kayla, forced Cassie to retreat from battle in order to take care of her, putting the parents' relationship on hold while they dealt with the threat to their own system. Aerandir would spend time with them while possible, but his duties both to the Jedi and raising his younger siblings prevented them from fully pursuing their relationship.

A little over a year afterward, however, Aerandir would find himself taking another child into his custody: A small girl named Morgan, whose parents were killed when the so-called Imperials attacked the resistance outpost, where they were stationed. Morgan was resistant to being taken from her home until Aerandir himself met with her, the two instantly making a connection. She agreed to come and live with him and his two sisters, where it was discovered that she possessed a strong connection to the Force. Aerandir became grateful that he found her before the Sith did.

The war against the Sith would continue, during which time Aerandir, among a handful of other Jedi, had been named a Master, mostly out of necessity. He would eventually face a surprise "weapon" created by the new foes: Clones of Aerandir and Michelle, respectively named Darth Ascin and Satsi, made to stand against their Jedi templates. They proved to be no match, but Ascin proved to be susceptible to rash decisions, blinded by rage. Even when the Deralia Jedi dealt a decisive blow against the Imperials, effectively crippling them and freeing the system from their oppression, Ascin continued to pursue him.

The pursuit ended at Belkadan, where Aerandir had taken some of the Jedi and military to establish a Jedi stronghold in that region of the galaxy. Aerandir had secured new military, established a city, and built a new Academy on the world, efforts Ascin attempted to impede, only to fail; even his own apprentice Satsi would leave him, spurred by his physical and verbal abuse toward her and Michelle's own acts of kindness. Ascin would later be killed in the Academy, when he attempted to exact revenge, only to be killed in the midst of a duel with Aerandir by none other than Morgan, who'd managed to surprise attack him, accomplishing what Jamie could not.

With their foes removed, Aerandir and the Jedi of Belkadan turned toward galactic affairs, helping the good peoples of the galaxy fend against evil in various wars and battles, all the while training his sisters and now-daughter Morgan in the ways of the Force. Eventually, however, his old foes would resurface, launching an assault on Belkadan with intents to eradicate Aerandir once and for all, before returning their sights to Deralia. Fortunately, with the aid of allied Jedi—and even a revived and turned Ascin, now known as Ambar—they were utterly defeated.

Unfortunately, the Academy was damaged in the attack, which led to most of the Jedi relocating to the Jedi Base of Felucia. The Belkadan Academy was restored and reclassified as a Safe Haven, while the Order at large began to consolidate. Eventually, the Order voted to make Felucia its central headquarters, resulting in something the Jedi Order hadn't experienced for some time: True unity. With this accomplishment, Aerandir, now a High Councilor, set his sights on continuing to fight for galactic peace, against whatever odds there may be, and prevent the dark side of the Force from ever again regaining a hold on the galaxy.

And then, war came to the Galaxy once more. The Republic, crushed under the weight of its own inefficiency, was dissolved by its newly-elected Chancellor. This left a vacuum of power, one which the Imperial Remnant, rebranding themselves as the military junta known as the First Order, sought to fill. Aerandir did not sit idly by, traveling to many formerly-Republic worlds and sowing the seeds of a "Rebel Alliance" of sorts in order to stand against the Imperial threat. The Alliance would grow, and soon seek to reorganize themselves as a central government known as the Galactic Alliance. In answer to this, the High Council debated the role of instating a Grand Master for the first time in quite some time. Aerandir's name was put forth, a nomination he accepted with some surprise. Soon afterward, a ceremony was held, and Aerandir Calmcacil was proclaimed Grand Master of the Jedi Order.[/quote]
Weapons: [quote]Aerandir's [url=]present weapon[/url] is a pure-white blade, powered by a Dantari crystal that has been purified through extensive meditations within Ashla's influence. Previous weapons include a mist-blue blade and a green blade, both of which powered by crystals from Ilum, as well as black blade fueled by a stygium crystal. He does not carry these with him, however.[/quote]
Force Powers: [quote]After a lengthy journey through the galaxy, stopping and meditating in many places steeped in the tradition of the Jedi and the light, Aerandir has increased his connection to the Force. If he surrenders himself, he can achieve [url=]Oneness[/url], enabling him to accomplish superhuman feats. However, extended usage takes a toll on his body, forcing him into recovery should he overexert himself. Therefore, he only saves it for the most dire of circumstances.[/quote]
Personal Spaceship: [quote]- A modified [url=]Incom T-65 X-wing starfighter[/url]. Main modifications include a slightly larger cockpit that can transport not only himself, but two child-sized passengers, specifically his two Padawans; a converted cargo storage behind the cockpit that can also house passengers; upgraded engine capacity; and a third missile port underneath the nose of the ship.
- A [url=][i]Horizon[/i]-class star yacht[/url], dubbed [i]Quiet Perseverance,[/i] acquired after Aerandir settled upon Felucia as a travel vehicle. It is a finer vessel than his previous choice of extended travel, the [i]Lambda[/i]-class, due to its luxuries, such as a pool, hot tub, lounge, and other comforts.[/quote]
Fleet: [quote][i]Flagship:[/i]
- [i]Our Own Tomorrow,[/i] [b][url=][i]Imperious[/i]-class Star Destroyer[/url][/b]

[i]Medium-class vessels:[/i]
- 1 [b][url=][i]Pellaeon[/i]-class Star Destroyer[/url][/b]
- 2 [b][url=][i]Scythe[/i]-class main battle cruisers[/url][/b], [i]Streak[/i] and [i]Flash[/i]

[i]Light-class vessels:[/i]
- 2 [b][url=]CR90 corvettes[/url][/b]
- 2 [b][url=][i]Corona[/i]-class frigates[/url][/b]

[i]Support-class vessels:[/i]
- 3 [b][url=]CR25 troop carriers[/url][/b]
- 3 [b][url=]GAT-12 Skipray Blastboats[/url][/b]
- 3 [b][url=][i]Aegis[/i]-class combat shuttles[/url][/b]

[i]Fighter-class vessels:[/i]
- 36 [b][url=]XJ7 X-wing starfighters[/url][/b]
- 24 [b][url=]TIE/D Defenders[/url][/b]
- 12 [b][url=]BTL-S8 K-wing assault starfighters[/url][/b][/quote]
Traffic Light: Green
Traffic Light Additional: [quote]While I would prefer not to enter a situation that would end in death, I'm generally open for many different RP storylines. Would prefer a heads-up first, but I'll roll with almost anything.[/quote]
Known Masters: Bruce Terry
Known Apprentices: Jamie Daniels; Michelle, Morgan, and Jake Palmer Calmcacil
NPC's: Yes.
Accomplishments/Goals: [quote][b][i][u]ACCOMPLISHMENTS:[/u][/i][/b]
— Helping establish a Jedi Temple on his homeworld of Deralia, and even eventually becoming its leader.
— Securing the world of Belkadan as a stronghold and founding the [color=#008000]Jedi Academy of Belkadan[/color].
— With the aid of the Hellborn Allied military, retaking Belkadan from the infected and rebuilding it.
— Fighting back the [url=][color=red]Earth Empire[/color][/url] and their attack on Belkadan, then, with the help of Ambar, Morgan, and Yavin Jedi Ksandra Mallan, destroying his longtime foes once and for all.
— In the absence of the Republic and in response to the whispered threat of Imperial resurgence, gathering together many free worlds into an Alliance to stand against tyranny, which would later reform into the Galactic Alliance.
— Being proclaimed Grand Master of the Jedi Order.

— To successfully train both his sister Michelle and his daughter Morgan to full Jedi Mastery, while at the same time raising them to be good people.
— To see the Jedi Order fully unified, to wipe out the threat of the dark side, and to restore peace to the galaxy for a time.[/quote]
Author: [quote]JvS 1.0 was my first taste of text-based RP. I have been with the universe since day one and made the move to the site when it opened. I find RP a brilliant outlet for expressing my creativity, and it from there turned into a bit of an addiction. I write not only here, but on other RP sites. Writing has become a big part of my life, and I enjoy writing here and elsewhere with many friends I've made on each board.[/quote]
It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.