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Official Name: Jashin Rau
Quote: "We're all a kite dancing in a hurricane."
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Species: Firrerreo
Homeworld: Serenno
Occupation: Smuggler, Profiteer, Pirate
Force Alignment: Other
Appearance: [quote]A nearly two meter tall near-human with golden skin, nictitating membranes ("third" eyelids), developed canine teeth, and two-toned hair, Jashin Rau is one of the last of his species. Like other Firrerreo - described as wild and feral, yet beautiful - Jashin is no exception, his surly demeanor and savage animal-like behaviors counterbalanced by a human likeness. Indeed, with golden topaz eyes, black and silver hair, severe features cast in a perpetual scowl, and an admittedly athletic physique - some forget that he is an entirely different species altogether.

Jashin is quick to show those who forget the error of their ways, however, either by breaking bones or by breaking bodies.

Completing this atmosphere of wild outcast, Jashin typically wears the clothes of a spacer, comprised of sturdy combat boots, rugged pants, a long sleeved tunic, and Jashin's signature article of clothing - a Maroon flight jacket made of durafiber and synthmesh with a tomuon wool lined collar. This combined with the Marcan herb cigaras he smokes and high powered blaster at his thigh typically ensures that any unwelcome attempts at socializing (and, let's face it, they're all unwelcome) are firmly shot dead before they even begin.[/quote]
Biography: [quote]"Trouble" is usually the first word attributed to Jashin, with the words "nothing but" quickly following.

Wanted for a string of crimes ranging from the petty (theft, assault, and general debauchery), to the far more serious (smuggling, grand larceny, piracy, and profiteering to name a few), Jashin is never above doing what needs to be done in order to survive; especially if there is a tidy profit in store.

Despite this, he seems to conduct his business by a strange and barely comprehensible moral code, influenced at any given moment by the amount of profit in store, and amended and modified on a whim to suit his motives. In the end, it can be said that Jashin does a little bit of good, a little bit of bad, and leaves the entirety of the blame on the nearest person.[/quote]
Weapons: [quote][img][/img]

One modified Model 434 "DeathHammer" heavy blaster pistol, 50 shots, 120m range. Modified with a lighter (in comparison) pistol frame and a thicker flanged cylindrical barrel to prevent overheating, this pistol is Jashin's ranged weapon of choice due to its stopping power and rugged reinforced construction. Kept in a quick release holster on Jashin's left thigh.[/quote][quote][img][/img]

One phrik vibrocutlass. A common weapon among pirates and scoundrels, Jashin's cutlass is modified with an ultrasonic vibration generator - a military grade generator, highly illegal, more often found in force pikes - allowing the blade to cut through bulkheads and durasteel: when in use, the blade glows slightly, and seems to shimmer in the air, emitting a dull hum. The blade operates off a high-yield energy cell, with cell and blade being insulated with inert power insulator to prevent a power feedback. Worn at Jashin's left hip at most (if not all) times.[/quote]

One set of flexisteel/reinforced duraplast chest armor. Formerly of Imperial construction, all identifying placards and markings have been obscured and filed off, and after extensive modification the resulting armor is a set of reliable, if somewhat battle worn, armor. Praised by Jashin for its protection, the cuirass is capable of stopping attacks up to verpine shatter rounds and light grenades, while being relatively lightweight and flexible. Within the armor a life support pack is integrated, operating off of a single power cell (two hour function, heat/cold and air) - accessible by way of twin feed hoses that come out of the back of the armor, lay across the shoulders, and provide oxygen via an integrated rebreather mask. Worn by Jashin at all times, the armor's only identifying feature is a carbon score directly over the heart.
Force Powers: [quote]Major Cybernetic Slot 1: BioTech Industries Rapid 12 Cybernetic Reflex System
Consists of a series of specialized implants to stimulate and help regulate the sympathetic nervous system, reducing the latency of neural communication between the sensory organs and brainstem, resulting in greatly improved reaction time. Note - in order to greatly reduce strain on the nervous system, this implant is to be assumed off at all times, with Jashin having to focus in order to turn the implant on.

Major Cybernetic Slot 2: Neuro-Saav Corporation Cardio-Muscular Package
Consists of a modified Neuro-Saav Cardio-Muscular package, enhancing Jashin's heart, lungs, and muscle reinforcement: ultimately allowing the muscles of the body to work harder with less effort. The end result allows Jashin to run faster, withstand more damage, and obtain incredible endurance. However, unlike the standard package which is optimized for strength, this particular package has been tailor made for speed, with strategic rybcoarse muscle structure enhancement, biofiber tendon reinforcement, and a neural-web reflex thread net to allowing for movement of (precisely) double the human norm.

Major Cybernetic Slot 3: Retinal combat implant
Consists of micro-sensors implanted directly behind the user's retinas and a small targeting computer at the base of the skull, the retinal combat implant overlays targeting and tracking data within the user's field of vision, and increases accuracy and visual acuity. This implant also helps coordinate and balance Jashin's reflex implant with his augmented musculature. Note: this implant is assumed to be off at all times, in order to reduce physical and mental strain, with concentration needed to activate it.

Minor Cybernetic Slot: Implant Comlink
Standard implant comlink, activated with a thought, and requiring no more than a whispered voice. One hundred kilometer range, encrypted rotating band frequency.[/quote]
[quote]Major Skills And Proficiencies:
Trained as a Royal Guard for the Great Houses of Serenno, Jashin has been instructed from birth as a highly capable bodyguard and assassin. As such, Jashin has a wide repertoire of skills, befitting a bodyguard for some of the richest sentients in the galaxy.

Hand to hand training:
Instructed in the Maladian martial arts as well as Teras Kasi, both being known for their ability to take on Force Users, Jashin was trained by some of the best teachers credits could buy to ensure that he could defend the Houses of Serenno against the most dangerous of threats.

Exotic weapons training:
As part of his training with the Noghri and Maladians, Jashin has been trained in the use of exotic martial weapons, as well as poisons, covert and stealth operations, interrogation, and enhanced torture techniques.

Serenno Commando training:
Supplementary training provided by the Internal Security Service (ISS), otherwise known as the Commando branch of Serenno's Army, affords Jashin the knowledge to operate pistols, rifles, repulsorlift vehicles, starfighters, emplacement weapons, explosives, and more - in addition to standard and exotic warfare tactics and procedures.

Specialized education:
When not fighting, Jashin attended lectures from military strategists, his assassin teachers, and others in order to fully round out his ability to act as a guard. As such, Jashin is well educated in alien anatomy, physiology, and history in regards to most (common) species, and exotic species of military note (species renown for warfare). Additionally, Jashin has moderate engineering ability (loaning to his ability to use most items of war), and can speak in Basic, Huttese, and Durese, the most common languages of the galaxy.[/quote]
Traffic Light: Blue