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Official Name: His Excellency, Count Aderon Dooku of Serenno
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Species: Human
Homeworld: Serenno
Occupation: Jedi, Count
Force Alignment: Light Side
Affiliation: Galactic Alliance, House Dooku
Biography: Dooku was born into the infamous house Dooku. However, although he was related to the infamous count, he chose the ways of the light over those of the dark. He was strong in the Force, and he learned the ways of it from a collection of training holocrons of Yoda left by the original count as well as a mysterious Jedi Master who was stranded on Serenno for a while.
Weapons: 1 x Blue Bladed, curved hilt lightsaber
Personal Spaceship: Heavily modified Punworca 116 Class solar sailer (left behind by the original count (The Nexus))
Fleet: 1 x MC-30c Class Frigate (Converted into Praexium Ship)
2 x Nantex Class Fighter
Ground Forces: 8 x Commandos (Guards)
Known Masters: Yoda (through holograms)