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Official Name: Eliel Terr
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Human
Homeworld: Naboo
Occupation: Mechanic
Force Alignment: Jedi
Appearance: A standard 5'7", Eliel is slim for a human girl her age, barely weighing 118 lbs. She has brown hair and hazel eyes like her twin Ariel. Commonly wears cargo pants, a tank top, and a mechanic's shirt over that. A tarnished medallion hangs from a leather thong around her neck.

Her head is often seen cocked to the left side, due to a partial deafness in her left ear.

Biography: Eliel and her twin were dropped off at a Naboo orphanage with no clue as to who their parents were. Once they were sixteen and able to go about on their own, the sisters worked for three years under a ship repair shop. The owner of the store, Gaiden Sul, favored Ariel above Eliel and taught her to fly a ship, to read and write and do math, but Eliel was fostered by the other workers and learned the art of mechanics and how to fly a ship from them. Toi'dera, the head mechanic, took Eliel in as his own child, teaching her to defend herself and to use her body as a weapon. She learned elementary math from him and to a lesser degree, reading and writing. The elderly Coruscanti died on the twins' assumed birthday, and it is something she refuses to talk about, not even with her twin.

Together, the twins earned enough credits to purchase their own freighter and a few items they plan to put on the market. Not long into their nomadic lifestyle, their ship suddenly went haywire and crashed into Osarian's surface. Ariel and Eliel were rescued, though Eli's ankle hasn't quite healed since. They found a job proposition on board the Yavin Station as mechanics and are trying to prove themselves worthy of the task.

During their test, Eli's dyslexia was made apparent and the job denied to her. She wandered around the station and stumbled across a dangerous situation. Using her dormant Force powers and her mechanical wits, she averted disaster and caught the eye of Jedi Master Dav Man'sell. Now, under the tutelage of Jedi Knight Aloua Omas, Eli is learning how to be a Jedi and, more importantly, how to deal with her dyslexia.

Weapons: - DC-15 blaster
- 1 Screwdriver
- Green single-bladed lightsaber

Force Powers: Mechu Deru - Innate, Unrefined
Psychometry - Innate, Unrefined
Telepathy - Innate, Unrefined

Personal Spaceship: 1 Helot-class medium space transport, "The Sanctuary" [crashed]

NPC's: Ariel - identical twin sister. Has a scar along her hairline, just barely noticeable.