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Official Name: Adelle Korian Bastiel (Kory)
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Species: Human
Homeworld: Corellia
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Force Alignment: Jedi
Appearance: Adelle is a standard 5'6", 125 lbs, with duotone eyes (right blue and left brown) and long dark brown hair, most commonly worn in a braid. She usually wears a tank top (black or white), and cargo pants with a utility belt around her hips. Most commonly goes barefoot, though she'll wear knee-high black boots when the terrain is too hostile for her to handle.

Other features:
>Tattoos: a black krayt dragon on her left hip and a running dire-cat on her back just below her waist.
>Scars: Three long scars from her left temple to her jaw, near the chin. One scar on her right shoulder. Three similar gashes in her abdomen on the left side. Light scarring on her right arm from puncture wounds and electrical burns. Burn scar on her left hip. Light scarring from burns and lacerations on her leg.

Biography: Mirelle It'Kla, the orphan child of Corellian spacers, chose to undergo genetic splicing when she was adopted by her Caamasi parents. She and her new brother, Arnelos, grew up fast friends. He told her stories of Corellia, having been there once, and helped her return to her homeworld when they were old enough. There, Mirelle fell in love with a young CorSec agent, Agent Heren Bastiel. Love became marriage and soon, Adelle Korian Bastiel was born.

When it was learned that Adelle was Force-sensitive, she was sent to the Yavin Jedi Academy to learn its ways at a young age. As such, she never really got to know her parents or her younger sister. Under the tutoring of the Jedi, she grew to be a skilled Knight.

During a mission to Coruscant, she became separated from the rest of her group and lost her lightsaber. That much is known. Adelle remembers very little of what happened during that time, struggling with the broken mind she now has. Her lover and partner, Rishii, found her lying unconscious in an alley. After a brief recovery period and a few tests from the doctors, it was determined that Adelle suffered from nothing more than PTSD and was sent back into the field. Tragedy struck as Adelle, suffering from one of her episodes, shot and killed Rishii.

After bonding with Morgan on Felucia, Adelle took on a mission from CorSec and earned the ire of a Hutt. A bounty hunter waylaid her and took her to Kolga as his prisoner. There she remained until a Jedi, a Zabrak, and a Chiss won her freedom in a card game. Among these three, Adelle learned that her episodes were getting worse. She made a plan to travel to Coruscant to seek out the truth but the Mando siege on Yavin kept her from traveling. After the battle died out and the dust settled, she went to Coruscant without a word to anyone.

A month later, she resurfaced in the Red Dawn Medical Center on Honoghr, bruised, bloodied, and comatose, wearing strange armor. Doctors and psychiatrists [a href=""]Maia Starling[/a] and [a href=""]Vinaara Ja[/a] both took on her case and steadily worked with Adelle through therapy to get her on the path to healing. After six months, her treatment was complete and Adelle could cope with her trauma.

The siege of Yavin by Mandolorian crusaders prevented her from returning the Praxeum and she landed on Felucia to reunite herself with her daughter. While there, a chance meeting with [a href=""]Vidalu Na'an[/a] and the Life Emulator droid Leigh proved miraculous for the injured and traumatized Na'an. Adelle and Leigh came up with a radical, experimental treatment for the schizophrenic woman and brought her back to mental wholeness.

Adelle now engages in quests for knowledge on healing and diseases of all kinds, as well as a quest for personal peace.

Weapons: - 1 DH-17 blaster pistol.

Force Powers: =Force Abilities=
Telekinesis (Mastered)
Telepathy (Mastered)
Art of Movement (Mastered)
Tutaminis (Mastered)
Force Healing (Mastered)
Mind Trick (Advanced)
Force Weapon (Proficient)

=Natural Abilities=
Strong memory (memnii)
Acute sense of smell

=Implant Abilities*=
Heightened awareness
Enhanced reflexes (2x faster than normal)
Enhanced strength (1.5x stronger)
Decreased pain sensitivity/Increased pain threshhold
*Implants must be activated and comes at the cost of:
- Less Force sensitivity
- Tunnel vision
- Addictive center in brain engaged

Personal Spaceship: X-83 TwinTail starfighter: "Sliver Kite"

Skybird racing swoop - black paint scheme

Known Masters: Jedi Master Arnelos It'Kla
NPC's: Resh—R9-series astromech with a penchant for being snarky to Adelle, but displays almost introverted behavior around strangers.

Ariadne Kadis—character for a closed rp.
Rroth—character for a closed rp.
Sy/Krayt—character for a closed rp.

Accomplishments/Goals: age 21 - became a Jedi Knight - became a liaison agent for CorSec
age 25 - successfully completed a high-risk surgery
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