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The Jedi Order - Corellian Jedi Academy
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Username: raganella Last Online: Dec 5, 2017 21:38:12 GMT -8
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Official Name: Jedi Master Kel'Al Raganella
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Species: Human
Homeworld: Corellia
Occupation: Jedi Guardian
Force Alignment: Light Side
Affiliation: Corellian Jedi Academy
Appearance: Typical Corellian: Short brown hair, sharp, piercing blue eyes, crooked smile, usually dressed in green Jedi robes, slightly modified to fit more tightly and not to interfere with acrobatic Ataru fighting style. Roughly 5 feet 11 inches in height. Not heavily built but deceptively quick and athletic, due to long hours spent training in speed and endurance running and acrobatics.
Weapons: (1) Blue lightwhip with a black & silver hilt
(1) Orange lightsaber with a black & silver hilt
(1) Blue lightsaber with a black & silver hilt
(2) SSK-7 heavy blaster pistols
(1) 14-inch vibroblade made of an ancient metallic stone
(3) Thermal detonators in a belt pouch
Personal Spaceship: Corellian Tracer starfighter
Ao-sei "Blue star" starfighter prototype
YT-2400 light freighter - [i]The Golden Wolf[/i]
G9 Rigger-class light freighter - [i]Red Frog IV[/i] (used by Theomiir Starstrider)
Traffic Light: Orange
Known Masters: Raja Raganella (KIA), Alex Carter (MIA), Dunta Coral (KIA)
Known Apprentices: Kay'li Raganella (Knighted), Valek Mors (MIA)
NPC's: [b]Jordan Halcyon[/b] - 25 year old Jedi Knight from Corellia
[b]Theomiir Starstrider[/b] - 18 year old Jedi Knight from Garqi
[b]R2-D7 aka "Sev"[/b] - Friend, co-pilot, clumsy source of endless comedy