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The Jedi Order - Felucian Conclave
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Username: chalco Last Online: Nov 28, 2017 14:36:47 GMT -8
Latest Status: You can lead a man to water but you can't make him think.
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Official Name: Chalco Gannor
Quote: Teacher is the student. Student is the teacher. There are no weeds!
Age: 102
Species: Falleen
Homeworld: Falleen
Occupation: Jedi Teacher
Force Alignment: Jedi
Affiliation: Jedi Praxuem of Yavin IV
Appearance: [quote]Tall humanoid with pale green skin or red skin, depending on mood. Reptilian in appearance with small scales. Symmetrical feature that are considered handsome. Stands a 189 cm and has a medium build, roughly 200lbs. Pale green eyes with flecks of red.
Traditionally wears purple Jedi robes with emerald trim, but often sports a Coruscanti-fashion suit.
Black boots and a top knot of hair tie with a silver band.

Biography: [quote]Was once a Jedi warrior of some renown, considered something of a maverick as he had no qualms using his pheromones to achieve his own ends.

Little else is know about his background but it is apparent that he spent quite some time fighting in the wars of the Jedi finally becoming disillusioned with his path in life.

Soon enough he got sick of fighting and became a wandering teacher visiting places such as Anzat, The Tion Cluster, and even spent time among the Aing-Ti and Fallanassi. Settled on Yavin IV for a few years teaching students at the Praxeum there before the second Mandalorian War forced the Jedi to leave the moon. Along with many others from the jungle moon Chalco settled on the planet Felucia, becoming a teacher at the Jedi Base there.[/quote]
Weapons: [quote]Green-bladed Lightsaber with hilt fashioned from a rare metal of a blueish hue.

Force Powers: [quote]1. Telekinesis
2. Force Speed
3. Tutanamis
4. Force Sense
5. Force Illusion
6. Mind Shard
7. Force Heal
8. Mind Trick (Plus Variations)
Is extremely adapt at mind tricks and often uses power in conjuncture with his pheromones.[/quote]
Personal Spaceship: [quote]MC-18 Light Freighter 'Errant Wave'


Fleet: N/A
Ground Forces: N/A
Traffic Light: Green
Known Masters: Unknown
Known Apprentices: Various
NPC's: [quote][b]GH-7 Medical Analysis Droid 'Swab'[/b]


[b]Molan Zaww[/b]
Ithorian Scientist of 64 years. 6 foot and 240 pounds.


[b]Leila Nem 'Newt'[/b]
Twi'lek Jedi Knight 21 years of age. 5 foot 5 inches in height. About 120 pounds.

Accomplishments/Goals: [quote]To keep what he has by giving it away.[/quote]
Author: Andi