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Red Dawn Medical Center - RDMC
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Official Name: Dr Wilhelm Van Buuren
Quote: Everybody needs a hobby.
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Species: Human/Cinndao
Occupation: Cybernetics Doctor
Force Alignment: Non-Force
Affiliation: RDMC
Appearance: [IMG][/IMG]
Wilhelm wearing his favourite business suit.

Wilhelm's headgear that he wears when doing just about anything.
Biography: [IMG][/IMG]
(Wilhelm enjoying a drink in his private bar)

Dr Wilhelm Van Buuren began his career in cybernetics at a young age, constantly curious about the way the body worked and how cybernetics could replace or enhance certain functions of it
Little did he know that he too, would one day require his own cybernetic heart when he fell prey to the Corruption.
When he was healthy again, he continued his study and gained his doctorate in Cybernetics, eventually adding a custom Diatium Power Cell, both to ensure the continued operation of his heart and to use as a power source.

During the final years of his study he met Savannah when she came in as a patient of his. He performed the operation on her that gave her back her arm and leg.
He eventually got to know her better over the couple months of her recovery and took her on as his assistant. The two have worked together ever since.

These days they lead up the Cybernetics Division of the RDMC...

(Testing a cybernetic glove.)
Weapons: [IMG][/IMG]
[repulsor blast generator housed in an armoured glove]
Ground Forces: SHIELD (Strategic Honoghr Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division)
Traffic Light: Blue
Traffic Light Additional: Please note I am apart of the as yet to be approved race known as the [url=]Cinn D'aois[/url].
NPC's: [IMG][/IMG]
Nurse Savannah
(Dr Wilhelm's loyal assistant)
[cybernetic left forearm and left lower leg]

Dr Conan Moore
(underling to Dr Wilhelm)
[Specializes in Deductive Reasoning and Surgery]

Dr Leon Lehmann
(underling to Dr Wilhelm)
[Specializes in Advanced Robotics]

Lieke Van Buuren
(Wilhelm's Sister)
[Freelance Detective/Computer Tech]

[url=]RD-JR [i]"Robert"[/i][/url]
(Wilhelm's Personal Astromech)
[R9-Series Astromech Droid]

[url=]Dr Silas Fletcher[/url]
(Head of Diagnostic Medicine)
[Specializes in Diagnostic Medicine]

[url=]Ahmun Van Buuren[/url]
(Wilhelm's Cousin)
[Professional DJ and Event Organiser]

[url=]Lazarel Auditore[/url]
(RDMC Janitor)
[Janitor and Aspiring Galactic Famous DJ]

[url=]Steav Erwyn[/url]
(Head of Archeology/Xenobiology)
[Archeologist/Doctor/Xenobiologist/GalGeo Honoghr]

[url=]Captain Hailey Carter[/url]
(Captain of the Honoghr Police Department)
[Police Captain]

[url=]Detective Lauren Decker[/url]
(Honoghr Police Department)
[Police Detective]

[url=]Rip Carlyle[/url]
(Head of SHIELD)

(Agent of SHIELD)

(Agent of SHIELD)

[url=]Telandra Starshadow[/url]
(Agent of SHIELD)
[Dathomir Witch]

[url=]Brent "Hawk-Eye" Dalton[/url]
(Agent of SHIELD)
[Master Archer]
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[url=]Leon - Nominee (Fav Doctor)[/url]

[url=]Conan - Nominee (Fav Doctor)[/url]

[url=]Honoghr - Winner (Fav Planet)[/url]

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