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Username: clem Last Online: Dec 15, 2017 15:40:58 GMT -8
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Gender: Male
Posts: 70
Date Registered: Apr 21, 2013 13:23:18 GMT -8
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: Human
Homeworld: Felucia
Occupation: Infirmery Floater
Force Alignment: Jedi
Appearance: 5' 10" Light weight(approx 150) Caucasian male, silver "eyes" occasionally hidden behind Thick black (Squared) Safety goggles , will typically be wearing Shorts or cut off pants as he doesn't fully cover his prosthetic legs. With a light shirt, he will occasionally don Jedi robes if he is staying at a Jedi base. But he's more frequently in a gown from his latest infirmary visit. Dirt and grime is expected as he's usually tripping over something, also don't be surprised if he's dangling off something or upside down ...
*Use Caution has a tendency to knock things over...even more so if it's volatile*
Biography: Crash landed on yavin 4 "Rescued" By Atuna

Im A scientist with horribly bad luck. My Father Was a Jedi But i am Currently Untrained in the jedi arts. I have made basic modifications and attachments to my fathers saber but havent tested them thoroughly.

List of "Bad Luck"
Bad eyes (Have been replaced with a "Glass Eye" type device that converts optical signals into the basic electrical signals that are interpreted by the brain allowing me to see normally, but is incapable of seeing things created by the force)

Legs are mechanical ( i sliced them off with my fathers saber with my blaster shield..{it worked when i didnt think it was going too})makes for a nice place to hide things/ place hidden weapons

more accidents than i can remember in about 3 months

More personal...
Unfortunately due to his several head injuries Clem knows little of his past. (OOC i plan on making it up as i go.. but allowing of other people to fill in gaps.) he seems to have a strong subconscious connection to the force. and is less likely to hurt himself or anyone else if hes not paying attention
Weapons: Lightsaber - Green blade Passed down from my father.
Fleet: none
Known Masters: Atuna
Accomplishments/Goals: havent died...

Managed to accidently save Raven Alora from certain death.