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Official Name: Asani
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Species: Kushiban
Homeworld: Kushibah
Occupation: Jedi Padawan
Force Alignment: Jedi
Appearance: [img][/img]
Floppy rabbit-like ears, a long fluffy tail, big mint green eyes, and soft, fluffy fur which changes color according to her mood. She has a slender and lithe build, and stands at a height of 30 centimeters when on all fours, or 50 when standing upright, with a tail of about 25 centimeters in length. Currently, if she is found to be wearing any clothing at all, she will usually be seen in her Padawan robes that were custom fitted for her small body but loose enough to allow ease of movement while standing upright or down on all fours.

Guide to mood colors:

White: Calm, peaceful, or content.

Gray: Lighter shades mean boredom and general unhappiness, darker shades show deeper sadness and loneliness.

Black: Deepest despair and depression, or mourning some great loss.

Red: Brighter shades for passion or courage in the face of danger, with darker shades indicating anger, aggression, pain or guilt.

Pink: Darker shades for stronger emotions like love or arousal, lighter for general affection or the feeling of liking someone as a close friend.

Blue: Lighter shades indicate excitement, with darker tones for feeling overwhelmed.

Green: Lighter and brighter shades tend to indicate envy or jealousy, with a darker, dull tone indicating illness.

Yellow: Bright tones indicate happiness and playfulness, lighter and duller tones for curiosity.

Orange: Bright tones indicate feeling surprised, darker for fearful or nervous.
Biography: Asani was born on the home world of her species, Kushibah. Her family consisted of her father Attili, her mother Talith, and her younger brother Sindrit. Her life was fairly uneventful until she was captured at a rather young age, along with several others of her kind by a slaver who proceeded to shuttle them and other exotic species around to different worlds, trying to sell them as pets. The conditions were rough as well as the treatment, and food was scarcely given in adequate amounts. Some died, but Asani held on, hoping for the day she would be free from this horrid life, caged on the slaver's ship. She has since been freed by the authorities on Bothawui and met with Arcanus Sunstrider there, who brought her to the Arkania Temple of the Guardians. She received brief training at the temple, but was then forced to return home after getting word that her father was very sick. Her father's illness turned out to be a mix of disease and parasites, and his condition slowly worsened until he died. A year from the time she left the temple, Asani ends up traveling to Corellia, where she would continue her training under Master Serrin Roma. Later they are separated during a mission and Asani finds herself wandering the galaxy, trying to find transport back to a Jedi temple where hopefully she can eventually be reunited with Master Roma, or at the least, continue her training under some other wise Jedi.
Weapons: A shoto style saber with a white phrik hilt. The hand-grip has an ornate leafy pattern and is made from thread spun from Asani's own fur mixed with silkweed. The top end of the hilt is decorated with an inlay depicting an old tree that is found at the center of the village where Asani grew up, the trunk in ultracrome, while the leaves are aurodium. The shoto's single blade is cyan with a silvery glow. Also of note, the activator switch for the saber is recessed to allow Asani to activate it with a poke of the tip of a claw. The saber is also insulated to make it waterproof and usable underwater. Asani has named the saber Attili, after her deceased father.
Force Powers: Force Sense
Force Healing
Force Speed
Traffic Light: Green
Known Masters: Serrin Roma
Accomplishments/Goals: Accomplishments:
Survived for months on a slave ship after being taken from Kushibah.
Constructed her first lightsaber completely on her own.

Continue her training and eventually become a Jedi Knight.
Author: Hello, I'm James. I'm 30 and currently working in the dreaded realm of retail. I've been RPing since the days when America Online was a popular ISP. I'm up for most sorts of play, though I'd like to at least avoid having this character killed for now, so if you want to do something, just drop me a line!