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Official Name: Nel Bukk
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Species: Zabrak
Homeworld: Ossus
Occupation: Padawan
Force Alignment: Neutral
Appearance: Nel is just below average height for her race, standing roughly at 5'7", with a thin build and wild black hair. A crown of horns dot the top of her head, with some on her forehead as well. Vivid blue eyes stand out from her pale skin, while she often wears what she is often instructed to do.
Biography: Nel was born on the planet of Iridonia, a daughter to the proud race of Zabrak. From an early age, she learned the value of work, though it wasn't long until the child was noticed by a Jedi Knight to have a particular intensity to her. She was a brilliant child with ambition aplenty, and though she was weak in the department of Force-sensitivity, there was a great deal of potential. And so, at the young age of six-years-old, the Zabrak child found herself being shipped off to the Jedi Praxeum for training, and it was there that she learned of true hardship.

Certain tasks were easy for a child with confidence and a strong sense of self-assurance, but when it came to matters of the Force, determination could only take her so far. And so, Nel slowly fell behind, struggling to master some of the basics of what most of the younglings were easily learning. She practiced and practiced, and when she needed a rest, her mind kept working, devouring book after book that she could get her hands on to find where she was going wrong. Concentration became one of her strongest traits, but with every good trait, there is a counter, and for the growing Zabrak, it was her growing temper.

As she fell behind in her training, the youngling would be teased by others, usually behind the backs of the instructors. This, as well as her own frustrations at her inability to do as they did as soon as she wished, grew to rising anger, and the blooming of a temper. Though she kept it under wraps as best as she was able, time did not always offer her a chance to learn to control it. Even when teachers stepped in to help, it was often too late to undo the damage the others had rent, leaving her with a large amount of frustration she couldn't shake. And with time, that frustration slowly brewed and stewed into anger. Still, Nel tried. With time, her tormentors were found out and disciplined, and her teasings stopped. The damage was done though, leaving her trying to pick up the pieces.

In turn, she fell to trying once more to prove herself to everyone else, including herself, that she belonged in the Praxeum. When she wasn't reading what she could get her hands on, she was practicing her abilities with the Force (as little as that was), meditating, or dueling and practicing her skills with a lightsaber. This is where she really excelled, outdoing many of her fellow students over time, though she still had a long way to go before she dared to challenge her instructors.

Because of her time with her people, she was instilled with a powerful sentiment: nothing is impossible, simply difficult to achieve. With this in her heart, she finally was able to master what should have only taken a short time, at most, to accomplish. Her greatest achievement was during the Initiate Trials, when it was more her power of concentration then her power with the Force that allowed her to create her first lightsaber. A simple blue bladed weapon, it was plain in decoration, but fit her hands nicely, and she used it with great skill.

As time went on, puberty hit, leaving her with a plethora of twisted emotions and growth. Though her own frustrations still lingered, and she tried to keep her anger in check, keeping her opinion to herself as males started to be nice to her once more. This did not help her anger, but she vented to the very few friends she was able to make, and that helped her keep herself sane as time went on.
Weapons: A single blue bladed lightsaber
Training Blade
Force Powers: -Force Speed
-Force Empathy
-Force Jump
-Force Pull/Push
-Force Valor (This is one she is practicing on most frequently as of late)
Traffic Light: Green
Known Masters: Stevan Stormro
Author: I am new to this setting, and only know the basics of Star Wars lore, if that. So if there are any mistakes, please politely point them out to me.