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Gender: Male
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Official Name: Nicademus Delvardus
Quote: "I am the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military. I am the herald of Order. I am the Empire."
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Species: Human
Homeworld: Eriadu
Occupation: Supreme Commander of the First Order
Force Alignment: Non-Force
Affiliation: The First Order
Appearance: [IMG][/IMG]
- [b]Birth name:[/b] Nicademus Delvardus IV
- [b]Rank:[/b] Supreme Commander of the First Order, Grand Moff of the Imperial Sector and Warlord of the Empire
- [b]Gender:[/b] Male, Human (Eriaduan)
- [b]Height:[/b] 5 feet, 8 inches
- [b]Hair Color:[/b] Red
- [b]Eye Color:[/b] Blue
- [b]Offspring:[/b] Octavian and Fiora Delvardus
Biography: ==========================

Nicademus Delvardus, who would become the fourth to bare the name, was born to Cyrus Delvardus and Octavia Motti on Eriadu in the Outer Rim. Nicademus was born into a wealthy and well-connected family who, like many Eriaduans, were adherents to the Imperial cause and Humanocentrism. Nicademus was one of three children; he would be followed by Artemis Delvardus and a sister by the name of Azria. Their surname is one known in the books of history, most notably the Imperial Warlord of Eriadu Authority, Sander Delvardus, who was killed by Nataasi Daala during the Reunification period.

Due to his connected status and wealthy power, Nicademus was educated by the best military and political minds money could hire. His father, Cyrus, taught him Imperial ideals and doctrines while his tutors educated him in history, politics, philosophy and other subjects. Power was given to Nicademus upon his birth, but in order to command respect, he needed power that was acquired through actions and deeds.

The young Delvardus would live on Eriadu well through his younger years and eventually join the Imperial Security forces under the reign of Cygnus Tarkin and later Adulph Tarkin, the Patriarchs of the Tarkin line. Nicademus served his tour of duties well and eventually made a name for himself. He would also serve as an army officer within the Tarisian and Horica Empires before they were dissolved. Upon the death of his father due to a sudden heart attack, Nicademus gathered his fortune, his loyal men and vessels and headed for the Deep Core. His curiosity towards Sander Delvardus drove him there and would be where the Nicademus would find his true career hopefully.

His venture to the Deep Core brought more fortune than the General could predict. Upon his arrival to Aargau and induction into the reforming Imperial Military, Nicademus would show his diplomatic skills through the peaceful annexation of Foerost into the Imperial Remnant. Not much later, his military and commander skills were displayed during the Pacification Campaign of Khomm against forces under Moff Blake. With all eyes upon the rising star Imperial and his rousing speech after the execution of Darth Exitius, Nicademus Delvardus was unanimously elected to the post of Head of State and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military, making him de facto leader of the Imperial Remnant.

From there, however, a decline would come. Nicademus would suffer great losses such as the failed and costly attack on Prakith which depleted the ranks of the Imperial Knights. This earned him much disrespect by the remaining knights, who were some times vocal in their disappointment. Even as he stepped up to become the successor to Lord Sinistra, the shoes were too big for Nicademus and the Galactic Empire began to whither and fail. It is unknown what his future plans are, but there are those who are hoping for a reversal, including Nicademus himself.

With the dissolution of the Galactic Empire, loyalist forces under Nicademus Delvardus, self-styled as the Grand General of the Imperial Military, performed a great exodus for Imperial Space where the General took up residence upon the ruined planet of Muunilist. While Imperial forces secured Yaga Minor, the Imperial would meet with an old friend who turned against his former superior. Despite the attempt, Nicademus lived and learned. With a 'reborn' mood falling upon him, the General began to set about rebuilding Muunilist and thus rebuilding the Empire, under a new guise. Although some still viewed him as their Emperor while others referred to him as General, Nicademus still saw himself as Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military and the leader of what remained of the Galactic Empire. Having tossed aside the mantle of Galactic Emperor and returning to a more military life-style, the Imperial has begun weaving together a new organization and a new Imperial identity among the stars. In these coming days, this Imperial Commander will assume a new title and create a new Imperial domain. One that will someday bring greater fear than the Empire of old; the First Order.

[i]Nicademus harbors greater Imperial ambitions beyond the First Order[/i]

Unknown to but a few persons, Nicademus Delvardus dreams of establishing a new dynasty among the stars with himself as the progenitor and founder. With the birth of his son, Octavian Delvardus, by his lover, Illaria Ren, the Supreme Commander feels this is a sign of his dream coming true. Within the shadows of the First Order, he begins preparing the transformation of this cause into a true Galactic Empire, with himself as the rightful Emperor of the galaxy.
Weapons: ==========================

[b]Primary Weapon[/b]: BlasTech E-11b blaster rifle
[b]Secondary Weapon[/b]: DD6 blaster pistol
[b]Close-Quarter Weapon(s)[/b]: Vibroknife and Echani Vibrosword
[b]Additional Items[/b]: Class-C thermal detonator, Fragmentation Grenades, Flash-bang Grenades and additional blaster clips.
Personal Spaceship: ==========================

[b]Raider-class Corvette[/b]: Damocles
Length: 160 meters
Maximum atmospheric speed: 975 km/h
Hyperdrive rating: Class 2, x15 Backup
Navigation system: Navicomputer
- Dual heavy laser cannons (6
- Single turbolaser
- Ion cannons
- Concussion missile launcher
Crew: 92(15 officers and 77 enlisted)
Passengers: 30 troops
Cargo capacity: 80 tons
Consumables: 3 months
Fleet: ==========================

[u][b]Faction SSD[/b][/u]
Sovereign Class Super Star Destroyer: Sol Invictus
[1] Axial Superlaser
[500] Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
[500] Turbolaser Batteries
[75] Ion Cannons
[100] Tractor Beam Projectors
[5] Gravity Well Projectors
Starfighter Complement:
[600] TIE Fighters
[96] TIE Bombers
150,000 troops
*[b]Part of Praetorian Squadron[/b]

[u][b]Faction Fleet Bonus (1,024 points)[/b][/u]
[b][u]Praetorian Squadron[/b][/u]
1 Resurgent-class SD: Praetorian
2 Imperial II-class SDs: Intrepid and Warmonger
2 Interdictor-class SDs: Dark Omen and Bastion
8 Victory II-class SDs: Cerberus, Colossus, Ambition, Impervious, Immortal, Pride of Aargau, Tenacious, and Darius
*[b]Fleet designed to escort the SSD[/b]

[b]Troop Complement[/b] - 50,200 troops
Resurgent-class Star Destroyer: 8,000 troops
Imperial II-class Star Destroyer: 9,700 troops
Interdictor-class Star Destroyer: 5,000 troops
Victory II-class Star Destroyer: 1,600 troops

[b]Starfighter Complement[/b] - 1,208 starfighters
- 102 TIE/VN space superiority fighter
- 200 TIE/sf space superiority fighter
- 406 TIE/fo space superiority fighter
- 200 TIE Predators
- 150 Neutralizer-class Bombers
- 150 Scimitar-class Bombers


[u][b]Imperial 1st Fleet[/b][/u]
[u][b]Hegemon Command[/b][/u]
1 Imperial II-class Star Destroyer: Hegemon of Braxant
1 Victory II-class Star Destroyers: Pride of Kuat
2 Immobilizer 418 Cruisers: Victrix and Interceptor
2 Vindicator-class Cruisers: Meleager and Vigilance
4 Imperial II-class Frigates: Prowess, Subjugator, Maximus, and Reaver

[b]Troop Complement[/b] - 29,860 troops
Imperial II-class Star Destroyer: 9,700 troops
Victory II-class Star Destroyer: 1,600 troops
Immobilizer 418 Cruiser: 80 troops
Vindicator-class Cruiser: 400 troops
Imperial II-class Frigate: 4,400 troops

[b]Starfighter Complement[/b] - 576 starfighters
- 72 TIE/VN space superiority fighter
- 100 TIE/sf space superiority fighter
- 204 TIE/fo space superiority fighter
- 100 TIE Predators
- 50 Neutralizer-class Bombers
- 50 Scimitar-class Bombers
Ground Forces: ==========================

[u][b]Armor compilation[/b][/u]
300 - Heavy class vehicles - 15m+
- 50 AT-ATs
- 50 AT-AHTs
- 50 HAVw A6 Juggnaunts
- 100 Imperial Repulsortank 1-H
- 50 XR-85 tank droid
350 - Medium class vehicles - 10-15m
- 100 2-M Saber-class Repulsor tanks
- 150 AT-TEs
- 100 S-1 FireHawke Heavy Repulsortank
1,250 - Light class veheicles- 0-10m
- 200 TIE Crawlers
- 300 AT-STs
- 150 AT-XTs
- 200 AT-ST/As
- 200 TX-130T fighter tanks
- 200 Imperial Repulsortank 1-L

5 NPC Generals - Imperial Knights
30 Imperial Knight-Errants (Padawan Level)

[b]Imperial Commandos[/b] - 500
Commanded by Major Gallis Solusar
[i]Black Viper Battalion[/i]: 500 Stormtrooper Commandos

[b]The Braxant Phalanx Brigade[/b] - 6,000
Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Malius Valen
[i]22nd Deathtrooper Company[/i]: 500 Imperial Deathtroopers
[i]31st Deathtrooper Company[/i]: 500 Imperial Deathtroopers
[i]56th Shocktrooper Company[/i]: 3,000 Imperial Shocktroopers
[i]101st Air 'Warhawks' Regiment[/i]: 2,000 Imperial Jumptroopers
[i]11th Assault Armor Company[/i]: 50 AT-XTs

[b][u]Imperial Core Army[/u][/b] - 80,000
Overall commanded by High Marshal Artemis Delvardus
[b]1st Imperial Division[/b]: Commanded by General Caster Krannurak
- 20,000 Stormtroopers (I, II, II, IV)
[i]21st Assault Armor Division[/i]
- 25 AT-ATs, 50 Imperial Repulsortank 1-Hs, 100 2-M Saber-class Repulsor tanks
[i]122nd Assault Armor Division[/i]
- 100 AT-ST/As, 100 TX-130T fighter tanks
[i]9th Armor Reserve[/i]
- 50 AT-TEs, 100 AT-STs

[b]2nd Imperial Division[/b]: Commanded by General Flavius Suutrar
- 20,000 Stormtroopers (V, VI, VII, VIII)
[i]86th Assault Armor Division[/i]
- 25 AT-ATs, 50 Imperial Repulsortank 1-Hs, 100 AT-ST/As, 100 TX-130T fighter tanks
[i]72nd Armor Reserve[/i]
- 50 AT-TEs, 100 AT-STs

[b]3rd Imperial Division[/b]: Commanded by General Tarion Tao-ni
- 20,000 Stormtroopers (IX, X, XI, XII)
[i]55th Assault Armor Division[/i]
- 25 AT-AHTs, 100 AT-ST/As, 50 HAVw A6 Juggernauts, 50 S-1 FireHawke Heavy Repulsortanks
[i]103rd Armor Reserve[/i]
- 50 AT-TEs, 100 AT-STs

[b]4th Imperial Corps[/b]: Commanded by General Julan Zeorg
- 20,000 Stormtroopers (XIII, XIV, XV, XVI)
[i]26th Assault Armor Division[/i]
- 25 AT-AHTs, 50 XR-85 tank droids, 50 S-1 FireHawke Heavy Repulsortanks, 100 AT-XTs
[i]127th Assault Armor Division[/i]
- 100 TX-130T fighter tanks, 100 Imperial Repulsortank 1-Ls
[i]64th Armor Reserve[/i]
- 100 Imperial Repulsortank 1-Ls

Traffic Light: Green
Traffic Light Additional: ==========================

[b]I am open to any storylines, but I wish to be involved in their planning and execution, especially if they affected my character personally and any group he runs. Cooperative roleplay is the best roleplay! I do not want my char to be killed at all, unless agreed upon.[/b]
Known Masters: None
Known Apprentices: None
NPC's: ==========================

- [b]Birth name:[/b] Maximus Arcavius
- [b]Formal name:[/b] Baron Maximus Arcavius
- [b]Rank:[/b] Fleet Admiral of Tempest Command
- [b]Gender:[/b] Male
- [b]Height:[/b] 5 feet and 9 inches
- [b]Hair Color:[/b] Black
- [b]Eye Color:[/b] Blue
- [b]Bio:[/b] Maximus Arcavius is a native of Bastion, having grown up within the household of loyal and diehard Imperials, who have long held the honorary title Baron of the Empire. His ancestors had served previous Empires and Emperors, as officers of the law and bringers of order. He would eventually enter the ranks of Second Fel Empire under Cade and, later, followed the Imperial Remnant to the Deep Core. It was there he would meet Nicademus Delvardus, back when he was a Major-General and Head of State. Despite both having extended Imperial heritage, Maximus was rather humanocentric, having been raised by a family that believed in the ideals of COMPNOR and human supremacy. Yet, even though their ideals clashed, the Bastion native was still trusted and eventually rose to become Lord-Admiral of the Iron Curtain Command, the personal fleet of Nicademus, due to his skill with naval tactics. Later, the human was elevated further to be Minister of War when Nicademus became Emperor. He is currently Fleet Admiral of the Hegemon Command

- [b]Birth name:[/b] Baltasar Delvardus
- [b]Formal name:[/b] Baron Baltasar Delvardus
- [b]Rank:[/b] General of the Imperial Core Army and Field Marshal of the First Order
- [b]Gender:[/b] Male
- [b]Height:[/b] 5 feet and 6 inches
- [b]Hair Color:[/b] Black
- [b]Eye Color:[/b] Blue
- [b]Bio:[/b] Baltasar Delvardus is the younger half-brother of Nicademus, born of Cyrus and his second wife. Despite their half-sibling relationship, Baltasar and Nicademus had a happy childhood together and sought to outdo the other in many ways. For example, when Baltasar became Captain of a security unit on Eriadu, Nicademus outdid him by becoming a Captain within the army of the Tarisian Empire. The half-brother shared a similar career with his older brother; long services in the army, following in the foosteps of their retired father, Cyrus. By the time Nicademus became Head of State for the Imperial Remnant, Baltasar was a Major within the Imperial Army. Yet major promotions would come when Nicademus ascended to the Imperial Throne; for his loyalty and career, he was promoted to the rank of General, granted the title of Moff and ennobled as a Baron of the Empire. Artemis is a traditional Imperial, but one who is more progressive, following ideals of Gilad Pellaeon and other notables of later Imperial history. He currently serves as the commanding officer of the Imperial Core Army.

- [b]Birth name:[/b] Unknown
- [b]Formal name:[/b] The Voice
- [b]Rank:[/b] Voice of the Order
- [b]Gender:[/b] Male
- [b]Height:[/b] 6 feet and 0 inches
- [b]Hair Color:[/b] Unknown
- [b]Eye Color:[/b] Unknown
- [b]Bio:[/b] The Voice, who is also known as the Messenger, is a shadowy agent of Nicademus Delvardus who was acquired at an unknown time in his life. Very few know of the figure's existence, let alone believe the Voice even exists. He is a mysterious and, speculated, to be a force user. It is speculated that the Voice is, in fact, the shadow of a Sith, who was killed by the Supreme Commander long ago. Others whisper that he is the mentor of Nicademus or some sort of puppet master. Whoever this person may be, this red-clad figure is the voice of the Order and the herald of the Supreme Commander's will. His appearance before anyone means that Nicademus has a special assignment at hand and only those the Voice appears to are trustworthy and capable enough to carry it out effectively.
Accomplishments/Goals: ==========================

- Achieved top marks at Eriadu's Military Academy
- Gained the rank of General of the 33rd Assault Corp in service to the Horica Sovereign Empire
- Promoted to the rank of Major General under the Fourth Galactic Empire, commanded the Alzoc System Army
- Became the Head of State and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military for the Imperial Remnant
- Chosen as Player of the Month for January 2013
- Appointed as Moff of the Deep Core for the Galactic Empire
- Self-proclaimed Emperor of the Galactic Empire and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military after the disappearance of Lord Sinistra
- Self-proclaimed Grand General of the Imperial Sector after the dissolution of the Empire
- Self-proclaimed Supreme Commander of the First Order

Author: To be Updated