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Username: archaos Last Online: Dec 14, 2017 6:43:23 GMT -8
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Gender: Male
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Official Name: Galdaart Fel
Quote: "Whatever it takes to keep this heap in the air..."
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Species: Human
Homeworld: Taris (Underworld)
Occupation: Pilot (though most would say 'Smuggler.')
Force Alignment: Non-Force
Affiliation: The Unfair Advantage
Appearance: Galdaart is what acquaintences would call "A no good, lying poodoo... but a cunning warrior, a highly skilled pilot, and a loyal friend." Galdaart has the look of a man who has spent too much time off-world: thin, wiry, and a little malnourished, he walks with the gait of one who is both hunter and hunted. Galdaart never feels at home when he's 'on the ground.' He is often edgy and loud-mouthed, which can (and does) get him into trouble. His eyes perpetually squint, as if he is looking 1000 yards away for the next target. (he is.) His biggest defining physical feature are two scars: one, the result of a knife-fight gone wrong on Dantooine, which travels up his left cheek from mouth to ear, perpetually pulling his mouth into a kind of sneer / smile, and the other a massive burn scar covering most of his left arm and his back, from a crash several years ago (he doesn't discuss it.) Most recently, Galdaart lost his left eye during a firefight. He received a cybernetic replacement, and bears four distinctive inch-long scars around the eye, like marks on a clock of three, six, nine and twelve o'clock.
Biography: Galdaart was until recently, a solitary adventurer. He is slow to trust, and often prideful without cause. He lives by his own code of smugglers' ethics, and rarely stays in one place for long. He would say "live free or die," if he were prone to speeches (he is not.) Galdaart lives for the thrum of engines in his ears, and open space through the cockpit canopy. Freedom is highly prized and protected. Galdaart would tell you that he "doesn't ever remember calling any world home," and that would be mostly true. For the past 22 years he has stowed away, crewed, or captained a vast number of ships, all of which were more home to him that Taris, where he was born into squalor and poverty, ever was.

Profession: First and foremost, Pilot. Smuggler, soldier-for-hire, sometime-bounty-hunter and professional troublemaker... those are all secondary.

Allies: Friend and professional badass Karana Malora, and his constant companion (and some would say, conscience) the Astromech droid R2-P47 "Wrench."

Enemies: Got a week? That might make a dent in the list... some that make the list are Tir Kaarn, Zaxan Zadicus Lord Sinistra, and you.

Hand-to-hand combat style: as dirty as possible (and he's good.)

Weapons: For many years, Fel carried a Mer-Sonn Power5 as his sidearm, and only recently replaced the trusty blaster with a charric pistol obtained from Trask, worn in a rare cross-draw holster high on the left hip. Occasionally the venerable Power5 was replaced by a Blas-Tech DL-22, which Fel preferred for its balance and range, if not sheer firepower. Galdaart still owns both weapons, and while the charric pistol has much greater firepower, he's still getting used to it. When the situation calls for additional 'bang,' Galdaart carries a Blas-Tech T-21 light repeating blaster (stored on-board his ship, the Unfair Advantage) and carries a Phrik panga in a sheath behind his back. In size and general shape, the blade resembles a machete, with serrations on the spine of the blade. This is always kept razor-sharp, and is a truly deadly weapon. In battle, Fel adds a bandoleer which holds five additional charges for the pistol, three concussion grenades, and an additional holster containing an Empire-era Scout Trooper Holdout blaster. Galdaart typically wears smugglers' gear... that is, whatever's handy, and not too ripe. When piloting, he always wears his battered Thrawn-era TIE-fighter pilot's jacket, with all the rank / insignia removed. For a time after being busted out of an Imperial max-sec prison, he took to wearing a surplus mk. I Stormtrooper helmet, both to disguise his features to spare his crew and his "good name" in the smuggling community, and to aid his breathing as his disease advanced.

Force Powers: Though he has always considered himself anti-force (distrustful of all force-users, a combination of Imperial indoctrination and personal experience) Fel has minor force abilities, which manifest and are recognized by the pilot as luck, talent, and skill. Specifically, Fel has limited precognition when piloting a spacecraft (and which has begun to slowly manifest in other areas of his life) and something he refers to as 'Telemechanics,' the ability to make a machine a virtual extension of his own body, pushing the limits of man and machine to the extreme and (hopefully) living to tell the tale.
Personal Spaceship: YT-1760 "Dar'Yaim" (destroyed over Kessel two years ago.)
YG-4210 "The Unfair Advantage"
Fleet: Loronar Medium Transport - "The Red Cred"
YG-4210 light transport - "The Unfair Advantage"
Starlight-Class freighter - "The Bronze Star of Eliathix"
YT-1300 light freighter - "The Eagle"
Ground Forces: Wade Connors, Karana Malora, Jace Stealer, Liya Tawaza, Dante Deveaux, Mack Revette, Oz Griffin
Traffic Light: Green
Known Masters: None.
Known Apprentices: None per se, but Fel trained hundreds of snub jockeys during his time in the service of the Empire.
NPC's: R2-P47, "Wrench," Fel's trusty (rusty?) astromech
Accomplishments/Goals: [img][/img]
Author: I'm Dan.
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