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No New Posts Beginners' Guide

All the basics: What is JvS, how does it work, and how do you start playing a character?

5 12 Character Creation Basics
by Shaman Chill
Jan 30, 2016 21:01:29 GMT -8
No New Posts Rules & Regulations - 3 Viewing

Everything you need to know about JvS from how to navigate the site to the rules and regulations that govern it.

Sub-boards: General Rules, Controlling Locations, Science, Technology, and the Force, Fleets and Armies, Businesses and Economics, How-To Guides

22 22 Starfighter Squadron Complements
by Whill Dažbog
Nov 30, 2020 17:05:13 GMT -8
No New Posts Planetary Guides

A handy guidebook for role play on each planet.

Sub-boards: Deep Core , Core Worlds, Colonies, Inner Rim, Expansion Region, Mid Rim, Eastern Outer Rim, Western Outer Rim, Wild Space, Unknown Regions

132 133 Update A Planet Guide Here
by Salvor Argon
Jan 24, 2021 2:07:58 GMT -8
No New Posts Consult the Whills - 2 Viewing

Place administrative, location, and usergroup requests; ask questions of the Whills; report serious infractions of the rules

Sub-boards: Administration Requests, Location and Usergroup Requests, Misc. Requests/Questions, Infraction Reports

357 2,193 The Mortus
by Whill Dažbog
Jan 22, 2021 5:25:55 GMT -8


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No New Posts Roleplay Planning - 17 Viewing

Introduce yourself, pitch a new group or story idea, join an existing group or story, recruit or be recruited, etc.

Sub-boards: Introductions, Writing Groups, Storyline Planning, Roleplay Planning Archives

700 25,816 Ben Ji Protector of the Force
by benji
Jan 24, 2021 4:00:22 GMT -8
No New Posts Roleplay Advice and Discussion

Consult the Role Play Advocates and your fellow members about any topic relating to RP on JvS, and discuss new ideas for the site

Sub-board: Questions and Discussions

58 817 Atlas of JvS
by Zion Morviael
Jan 13, 2021 2:25:00 GMT -8
No New Posts The Databank - 1 Viewing

Read and contribute to collected data about JvS history, technology, and lore

Sub-boards: The Chronicle, The Database of Ships and Space Stations

945 4,521 Re-submission Thread
by Graemon Gorgano
Jan 23, 2021 18:56:01 GMT -8
No New Posts Player Recognition

Recognition by the community for excellence in roleplay

Moderator: Role Play Advocates

Sub-boards: Hall of Fame, Sithies Awards, Pay a Compliment

118 1,215 The Compliment Thread
by Nartaga
Dec 24, 2020 1:32:58 GMT -8


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No New Posts Deep Core

Sub-boards: Byss, Empress Teta, Khomm, Prakith, Tython, Open Space and Hyperspace, Archived Planets

35 1,191 Ruling City
by Nicademus Delvardus IV
Jan 12, 2021 14:03:56 GMT -8
No New Posts Core Worlds - 1 Viewing

Sub-boards: Aargau, Alderaan, Brentaal IV, Caamas, Corellia, Corulag, Coruscant, Drall, Foerost, Fresia, Froz, Kuat, Ralltiir, Rendili, Selonia, Talus, Tralus, Open Space and Hyperspace, Archived Planets

167 12,045 Coalition Senate Chamber
by Sara Ruluwoor
Jan 23, 2021 21:03:26 GMT -8
No New Posts Colonies

Sub-boards: Arkania, Balmorra, Fondor, New Carida, Open Space and Hyperspace, Archived Planets

33 1,148 First Order Citadel, Stormtooper Academy, Executive Offices
by Standash Thul
Jan 20, 2021 13:18:52 GMT -8
No New Posts Inner Rim

Sub-boards: Ambria, Bilbringi, Hapes, Kiffu, Manaan, Myrkr, The Oasis, Obroa-Skai, Onderon, Thyferra, Zeltros, Open Space and Hyperspace, Archived Planets

108 4,040 The Mortus
by Cormac Dubh
Jan 23, 2021 18:44:58 GMT -8
No New Posts Expansion Region - 1 Viewing

Sub-boards: Contruum, Kinyen, Osarian, Rhommamool, Shili, Vandelhelm, Open Space and Hyperspace, Archived Planets

61 1,958 Contruum's Open Terrain
by Brayark Vizsla
Jan 21, 2021 9:38:04 GMT -8
No New Posts Mid Rim - 1 Viewing

Sub-boards: Algara II, Anobis, Anzat, Bothawui, Concord Dawn, Dressel, Falleen, Haruun Kal, Iridonia, Juvex, Kashyyyk, Malastare, Naboo, Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa, Rodia, Umgul, Open Space and Hyperspace, Archived Planets

147 12,028 Anzat's Open Orbit
by Darth Akrak
Jan 23, 2021 14:46:26 GMT -8
No New Posts Outer Rim (East)

Sub-boards: Abraxin, Agamar, Bastion, Belkadan, Bonadan, Dantooine, Dathomir, Dromund Kaas, Dubrillion, Etti IV, Felucia, Garqi, Honoghr, Jabiim, Kessel, Korriban, Lianna, Lothal, Mandalore, The Maw, Mon Calamari, Muunilinst, Mygeeto, New Alderaan, Ordo, Ossus, Raxus Prime, Rhen Var, Serenno, Taris, Telos IV, Thule, Yaga Minor, Yavin IV, Ziost, Open Space and Hyperspace, Archived Planets

364 23,455 Honoghr's Open Orbit
by Bloodrage Pirates
Jan 23, 2021 8:38:14 GMT -8
No New Posts Outer Rim (West)

Sub-boards: Anoth, Bespin, Clak'dor VII, Crait, Dagobah, Eriadu, Forest Moon of Endor, Geonosis, Hoth, Hypori, Ison, Mustafar, Pzob, Rishi, Roon, Ryloth, Sullust, Tatooine, Utapau, Varonat, Open Space and Hyperspace, Archived Planets

145 9,223 Throne of the Sith'ari
by Geralt Klassen
Jan 23, 2021 12:33:51 GMT -8
No New Posts Wild Space

Sub-boards: Adumar, Bakura, Kamino, Nirauan, Zakuul, Open Space and Hyperspace, Archived Planets

36 2,163 Adumar's Terrain
by Jenia Kasalle
Jan 20, 2021 10:45:17 GMT -8
No New Posts Unknown Regions

Sub-boards: Ahch-To, Csilla, Ilum, Lehon, Zonama Sekot, Unknown Space and Hyperspace, Archived Planets

20 831 Middle Beach City Center
by Infinite Imperium
Jan 22, 2021 19:45:19 GMT -8
No New Posts The Netherworld

Sub-board: Rules for the Netherworld

5 246 Chaos
by Valefor [RETIRED]
Jun 6, 2020 9:39:56 GMT -8

Non-Universe RP

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No New Posts Galactic Battle Arena

Sub-boards: Leto Bes'tial Memorial Tournament of Awesomeness, Challenge Matches, Training Scenarios, Inactive Threads

209 2,689 Lahash vs Reign
by Lahash de Fortia
Jan 23, 2021 10:03:25 GMT -8
No New Posts Journal of the Whills

Free-writing forum where you control the rules, location, and era of your storyline

Sub-boards: Personal Databanks, Active Storylines, Completed Storylines, Archived Storylines

220 2,439 The Holobook of Sara Ruluwoor
by Sara Ruluwoor
Jan 23, 2021 19:17:52 GMT -8

Far, Far Away (OOC)

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No New Posts Star Wars

56 411 YouTube animated series based on Zahn's Heir to the Empire
by Sara Ruluwoor
Jan 17, 2021 19:28:55 GMT -8
No New Posts Non-Star Wars

85 19,007 The "You're Banned!" Thread
by Bloodrage Pirates
Jan 23, 2021 7:23:11 GMT -8
No New Posts Polls

77 1,089 Who do you most want to see in The Mandalorian Season 2?
by Kaine Australis
Nov 16, 2020 4:54:01 GMT -8
No New Posts Other Universes (Link Swap)

The one and only place on JvS to advertize other Star Wars and RP sites

Sub-board: Registration

1 1 How to use this forum
by Shaman Chill
Oct 1, 2016 12:28:11 GMT -8


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