Welcome to Jedi vs Sith

Welcome to Jedi vs Sith by Whill High Shaman Furas
Welcome to Jedi vs Sith!

First, on arrival, every player is handed a 'datapack' called The Traveler's Guide to the JvS Universe. It is the forum at the top of the site and is like a guidebook to help you find your way around the Universe... you open it now and read the Introduction...

...There is a bookmark to the Beginners' Guide section...

The Travelers' Guide contains all you need to know about the Jedi vs Sith Universe! It's packed with information on rules as well as FAQs and 'How to?' tutorials.

It gathers up to date information on planets in this Universe and the type and style of RP that goes on there. The guide also has a rating system for an 'at a glance' view to the RP on planets and how they play.

Whether you are a newcomer to collaborative fiction and don't even know what 'RP' means yet, or have been writing for years, this guide will give you all you need to feel at home here on JvS!


To get started, you can go to:

  • The Introductions forum, where you can introduce yourself to the community.
  • The Beginners' Guide, which explains what Jedi vs Sith is and how forum-based role play works.
  • The Rules and Regulations Table of Contents to read up on the rules and get tips on how to start writing in the RP tutorials.
  • The Universe forum where you can RP. Read the Planetary Guide entries on planets to help you choose an RP home.
  • The Journal of the Whills, or JotW for short. This is the freewriting forum for JvS. You can write anything from poetry to roleplay on locations not represented in the Universe boards.
  • Use the Consult the Whills board to make requests, or if you just need to speak with us directly.
  • Take a look at A Galaxy Far, Far Away to discuss topics both Star Wars related and not with fellow players out of character.
  • JvS also has a Discord Chat set up to meet, greet, and converse with fellow players on the site.
  • Check the How-To Guides to learn other site options.
  • Plan and develop stories in the Roleplay Planning forum. Here you can recruit players to write with, or offer to join others in their stories.
  • For any other questions, visit the Roleplay Advice and Discussion forum.

If you need assistance or would like to know who you should talk to in case problems rise up, the following list may be helpful to you:

Databank Operators are members who volunteer their time maintain and oversee the Databank Board and its Sub-Boards on the site. They review and approve submissions for the Database of Ships and Space Stations.

Whills (1 star) are moderators of the site who deal with typical day-to-day requests, thread locations, and JvS policy questions. While we prefer that you post your questions in a public forum (so that the next available Whill sees it, and so that there is accountability), you are welcome to private message us when necessary. "The Whill Tribunal" should not be PMed with any questions (as it is not logged in on a regular basis).

Whill Shamans (2 stars) are head moderators who deal with typical day-to-day requests, board structure, and questions about other Whills' conduct.

Whill High Shamans (3 stars) generally deal with site-running questions and concerns about other Whills' conduct; "jedivssith" should not be PMed with any questions (as it is never logged in). Very few questions will need to be directed to Whill High Shamans.
We look forward to meeting you.

~The Ancient Order of the Whills