How to Get Help and How to Resolve Disputes by Shaman Chill
1. How to Get Help

Usage of Jedi vs Sith and conduct by our members is subject to the ProBoards Terms of Service and the Natural Laws of the JvS Universe. Occasionally, you may encounter a situation where you need help, and there are a lot of places you can go to get your questions answered. Here is a summary of the best ways to get help on JvS.

RP Technique / RP Etiquette / Rules Clarification

For questions about how to role play, getting oriented to JvS, IC or OOC etiquette, or clarification of the site rules and guidelines there are several options:
  • Contact a Whill directly via PM or Discord, or create a thread in the Consult the Whills forum, here.
  • Create a thread in the Roleplay Advice and Discussion thread, here.
  • While they may not have any authority, asking other member(s) may yield results. Our veteran members are generally very knowledgeable and helpful to new and returning members.

Disputes / Misbehavior

For help resolving or mediating a dispute, click here.

If a major dispute arises, and you are not able to work out the differences on your own or with the help of mediation, an Infraction Report should be filed.

Spam / Inappropriate Content

In cases of spam, unwanted advertising, or blatantly inappropriate content or conduct, or any other post that violates the ProBoards Terms of Service, you may also use ProBoards' Report Post feature to call our attention to the problem. This should not be used to report disputes, or posts with which you simply disagree.

Accounts / Usergroups / Boards and Threads

For administrative actions such as account issues, creating usergroups, or creating or moving boards or threads, you should place a request in the appropriate section of the Consult the Whills board. If you are not sure where to place your request, or it does not fit any of the predefined request forms, the Misc. Requests/Questions forum is a catch-all for any question.

Sending Personal Messages to a specific Whill or to all Whills is discouraged. Not only are you are unlikely to anticipate which Whill will be available next, but requests may be lost or slip through the cracks if they are not filed in the expected location. Public requests also ensure accountability, and create a paper trail to prevent future disputes or misunderstandings. The Whills are responsible to monitor the Consult the Whills board for requests, and you will be assisted as soon as possible.

Everything Else

If you're not sure where to ask your question, or it doesn't fit any of the categories above, you are always welcome to use the Misc. Requests/Questions board under Consult the Whills.