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Username: just Last Online: Nov 18, 2017 17:16:09 GMT -8
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Gender: Male
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Date Registered: Sept 24, 2015 20:56:29 GMT -8
Official Name: Loki
Quote: "The Force is guiding my hands, I will never be a Jedi, but I shall use the Dark Side, for the betterment of the galaxy..."
Gender: Male
Age: 49
Species: Zabrak
Homeworld: Iridonia/Tattooine/Korriban
Occupation: Warrior
Force Alignment: Dark Side
Affiliation: The Crew of the Wayward son & Zadea Ordo
Appearance: Loki stands at 7'0 tall, he is a genetic mutant altered at birth. He has tougher than normal skin and muscle mass, as well as increased force ability and physical strength. He has a ruddy Zabraki complexion with swirling Sith tattoos as well as Zabraki tribal tattoos and a yellow Kiffar stripe across his nose.

His teeth are sharpened into fangs, and his horns are closely cropped to his head, he normally wears black Sith robes, and tunics though he is no longer sure if he is a Sith.

In a battle over Endor, he lost his left eye, and a few fingers on his right hand. He now has a glowing yellow removable cybernetic eye, and cybernetic finger prosthesis.
Biography: Loki was born the second of three triplets. As soon as they were born, they were sold into the hands of a mad scientist who worked for a Hutt crime lord. For eight years they were given genetic enhancements and experimented on, they where forced to do years of growing in a matter of months. They were injected with Midichlorins to increase their strength in the force. The one flaw in the madmans scheme was how to control them once they were older. In this he failed and Loki killed the man and lead his brothers to freedom, for a time they wandered and were adopted by a Kiffar, however unsatisfied Loki ran away, finding him self stranded on the planet Korriban. Loki searched the temples and there he found his path to the darkside. While his two brothers became Jedi, he delved deeper into the secrets of Korriban, and later Zoist. He devoted himself to the study of the Darkside for fifteen years..

Once he felt his training was complete he joined forces for a time with Lady Tanith. Becoming in essence her secret assassin, however in time he would join and later control a Sith led faction known simply as "The World Eaters" for a few years the world eaters sold their services to the highest bidder, including Tanith and the CDDC, they had uneasy alliances with the IF and other factions in the galaxy before in a mistake of galactic proportions Loki snapped and attacked his brothers Jedi stronghold on Endor. The world Eaters were no more.

Having killed his brother and his apprentice on his ship over Endor, Loki suffered his greatest defeat at the hands of Mandolorian Jedi Master Chris MacDonald. Loki was saved by the his favorite lackey Commander Teague, who died saving Loki, for five years Loki was in a force induced coma, floating in an escape pod in the wreckage of the world eater fleet over Endor. He was rescued by unknown forces and has now decided to travel to find Adi Matango.


Weapons: Loki currently has three Lightsabers.

One standard duel blade, with single blade option. His hilts are also enlarged to fit his size. Black.

And two single bladed Sabers Red.

He also keeps a basic blaster hidden in his boot.
Force Powers: 1.Force TK (Including push, crush, choke etc.)
2.Force Lightning
3.Force Destruction (Last resort)
4.Force Storm (Weather not Wormhole.)
5.Force Scream (Caused by severe trauma)
6.Telekentic Saber combat.
7.Force Drain
9.Force Illusion.
Fleet: N/A
Traffic Light: Green
Traffic Light Additional: I am currently embroiled in the goings on's of Adi.
Known Masters: None.
Known Apprentices: Halden Vulcan (Deceased) Dedre Fel (Deceased)
NPC's: Raxaie, team NPC, also Loki's niece.
Accomplishments/Goals: Helped the CDDC invaded Courscant and take the planet in three days. After his withdrawal the planet was taken back in two.

Helped kill Lord Phillios over Mustafar, saving Zadea Ordo and her children, becoming their guardian in the process via oath.
Author: Hi! I'm Robin, I took a long hiatus, but I first joined JvS in 2007 in the original universe, Loki was my first and only surviving character from those early years! if you wanna know more feel free to PM me!