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No New Posts Beginners' Guide

All the basics: What is JvS, how does it work, and how do you start playing a character?

5 12 Character Creation Basics
by Shaman Chill
Jan 30, 2016 21:01:29 GMT -8
No New Posts Rules & Regulations

Everything you need to know about JvS from how to navigate the site to the rules and regulations that govern it.

Sub-boards: General Rules, Controlling Locations, Science and Technology, Fleets and Armies, Businesses and Economics, How-To Guides

20 20 Spam Policy
by Shaman Chill
Feb 2, 2016 21:20:48 GMT -8
No New Posts Planetary Guides

A handy guidebook for role play on each planet.

Sub-boards: Deep Core , Core Worlds, Colonies, Inner Rim, Expansion Region, Mid Rim, Eastern Outer Rim, Western Outer Rim, Tingel Arm, Wild Space, Unknown Regions

103 105 Agamar's Planetary Guide
by Faelan Bralor
Oct 12, 2016 17:27:49 GMT -8

Consult the Whills

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No New Posts Administration Requests

Request an Account Deactivation or Forum or Thread Archiving here

Sub-board: Archived Requests

22 116 Request Account Deactivation
by Shaman Chill
Apr 16, 2013 21:22:20 GMT -8
No New Posts Location and Usergroup Requests

Request creation of new locations and usergroups (factions) here, as well as faction fleets and other usergroup bonuses

Sub-boards: Request New Usergroups, Usergroup (Faction) Bonus Requests, Governmental Locations, Canon Business Office Requests, General RP Locations, Temporary Locations and Groups

93 503 Usergroup Deletion
by The Admiralty OOC
Jun 23, 2017 19:50:21 GMT -8
No New Posts Misc. Requests/Questions

Request assistance or clarification in forum interface, general site protocol, or other miscellaneous queries here.

Sub-board: Archived Threads

155 1,091 Leadership Additions and Removals
by Whill Chrysanthe
Jun 19, 2017 22:26:28 GMT -8
No New Posts Infraction Reports

Submit an Infraction Report here. (Note: Reports may occasionally contain sensitive or graphic material; sensitive eyes are forewarned.)

1 1 How To Use This Forum
by Whill Shaman Erevis
Apr 16, 2013 12:12:52 GMT -8


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No New Posts Role Play Advice

Consult the RP Advisors and your fellow members about any topic relating to role play on JvS

Moderators: High Councilor, Roleplay Advisor

Sub-boards: Advisors' Area, Archived Threads, Archives of the Players' Guild Council

203 1,562 Consult the RP Advisors
by Prarr'ebecc'aelios
Jan 2, 2017 17:36:07 GMT -8
No New Posts Sithies Awards

The Sithies are a fun, annual awards event to recognize some of JvS's best writers

Moderators: Sithies Staff, Dr Wilhelm Van Buuren

Sub-boards: Archived Threads, Sithies 2014, Sithies 2015

67 1,002 Regarding The Sithies
by The Sithies Admin
Mar 1, 2016 22:48:14 GMT -8
No New Posts Hall of Fame

Moderator: Galdaart Fel

Sub-boards: Hall of Sithies, Class of 2012, Class of 2014

17 46 Eralam
by Whill Shaman Zauriel
Feb 22, 2015 14:14:37 GMT -8


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No New Posts Deep Core

Sub-boards: Aaghra, Aargau, Foerost, Khomm, Prakith, Tython, Within Hyperspace, Archived Planets

47 1,478 Prakith's Orbit
by Jedi Master Rawkill
Jun 26, 2017 8:52:40 GMT -8
No New Posts Core Worlds - 2 Viewing

Sub-boards: Abregado-rae, Alderaan, Brentaal IV, Caamas, Corellia, Corulag, Coruscant, Drall, Fresia, Froz, Kuat, Nubia, Ralltiir, Rendili, Selonia, Talus, Tralus, Within Hyperspace

110 7,891 Coronet City
by Syren
Jun 27, 2017 18:45:15 GMT -8
No New Posts Colonies

Sub-boards: Arkania, Balmorra, Fondor, New Carida, Within Hyperspace, Archived Planets

31 750 Oridin City
by Synar Blackfyre
Jun 12, 2017 15:54:17 GMT -8
No New Posts Inner Rim

Sub-boards: Ambria, Bilbringi, Hapes, Kiffu, Manaan, Myrkr, Obroa-Skai, Onderon, Thyferra, Zeltros, Within Hyperspace, Archived Planets

83 2,196 Zeltros' Open Terrain
by Fumnanya Jang
Jun 1, 2017 22:58:11 GMT -8
No New Posts Expansion Region - 2 Viewing

Sub-boards: Contruum, Gyndine, Kinyen, Osarian, Rhommamool, Shili, Vandelhelm, Within Hyperspace

61 1,512 Kacik Field
by Eliel
Jun 27, 2017 17:10:03 GMT -8
No New Posts Mid Rim

Sub-boards: Anobis, Anzat, Bimmisaari, Bothawui, Concord Dawn, Dressel, Falleen, Haruun Kal, Iridonia, Juvex, Kashyyyk, Malastare, Naboo, Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa, Null, Rodia, Umgul, Within Hyperspace, Archived Planets

145 8,522 The Battered Helm Tavern
by Damocles Ordo
Jun 20, 2017 12:17:41 GMT -8
No New Posts Outer Rim (East) - 4 Viewing

Sub-boards: Abraxin, Agamar, Barab I, Bastion, Dantooine, Dathomir, Dromund Kaas, Felucia, Garqi, Honoghr, Jabiim, Kessel, Korriban, Lianna, Lothal, Malachor V, Mandalore, The Maw, Mon Calamari, Muunilinst, Mygeeto, New Alderaan, New Wayland, Ordo, Ossus, Raxus Prime, Rhen Var, Serenno, Taris, Telos IV, Thule, Yaga Minor, Yavin IV, Ziost, Within Hyperspace, Archived Planets

308 15,219 Taris' Open Orbit
by Alaric Lamar
Jun 27, 2017 19:34:35 GMT -8
No New Posts Outer Rim (West)

Sub-boards: Adarlon, Alzoc III, Anoth, Bespin, Clak'dor VII, Dagobah, Eriadu, Forest Moon of Endor, Geonosis, Hoth, Hypori, Ison, Kamino, Mustafar, Pzob, Rishi, Roon, Ryloth, Sullust, Tatooine, Utapau, Varonat, Within Hyperspace, Archived Planets

113 6,562 Hyperspace
by Karana Malora
Jun 20, 2017 20:01:25 GMT -8
No New Posts Tingel Arm - 1 Viewing

Sub-boards: Belkadan, Bonadan, Dubrillion, Etti IV, Within Hyperspace, Archived Planets

21 1,351 Mondder
by A'den'ade
Jun 19, 2017 17:09:04 GMT -8
No New Posts Wild Space

Sub-boards: Adumar, Bakura, Nirauan, Zakuul, Within Hyperspace

17 724 Skip One
by Infinite Imperium
Jun 23, 2017 16:24:57 GMT -8
No New Posts Unknown Regions

Sub-boards: Csilla, Ilum, Lehon, Zonama Sekot, Within Hyperspace, Archived Planets

25 311 Lehon's Terrain
by Infinite Imperium
Jun 24, 2017 18:53:42 GMT -8
No New Posts The Netherworld

Sub-board: Rules for the Netherworld

5 68 Harmony
by Zalor Anneri
Oct 22, 2016 18:53:52 GMT -8

Non-Universe RP

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No New Posts Galactic Battle Arena

Moderators: High Councilor, GBA Judge

Sub-boards: Players Area, Tournament Area, Challenge Matches, Training Scenarios, GBA Rankings

192 2,463 Challenge Thread
by anon
May 18, 2017 20:46:24 GMT -8
No New Posts Journal of the Whills

Sub-boards: Active Storylines, Completed Storylines, Archived Storylines

157 1,954 The Dawn Hour
by Jay
Jun 20, 2017 22:25:08 GMT -8

Far, Far Away (OOC)

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No New Posts JvS RP Planning - 2 Viewing

Introduce yourself, pitch a new idea, join an existing story, recruit or be recruited, etc.

Sub-board: JvS RP Planning Archives

523 20,075 The Mandalorian Assembly - Planning and Recruitment Thread
by Damocles Ordo
Jun 27, 2017 19:10:35 GMT -8
No New Posts Star Wars

42 313 Star Wars Turns Forty
by Aerandir Calmcacil
May 25, 2017 10:41:43 GMT -8
No New Posts Non-Star Wars - 1 Viewing

by Lieutenant Drez
Jun 23, 2017 10:19:32 GMT -8
No New Posts Polls

62 1,005 Do you prefer dubbed or subbed when watching anime?
by The Poll Master
Apr 27, 2017 1:23:31 GMT -8
No New Posts Other Universes (Link Swap)

The one and only place on JvS to advertize other Star Wars and RP sites

Sub-board: Registration

1 1 How to use this forum
by Shaman Chill
Oct 1, 2016 12:28:11 GMT -8


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