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Username: dempire Last Online: Dec 14, 2017 17:50:29 GMT -8
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Gender: Female
Posts: 280
Date Registered: Feb 11, 2017 17:56:23 GMT -8
Official Name: Infinite Imperium
Species: Government
Homeworld: Etti IV/Lehon
Occupation: Empire
Affiliation: Mandalorian Space
Biography: [quote]13 After Battle of Yavin (2 Post Palpatine): Requiem founded in the Unknown Regions beyond Lehon.

40 ABY (29 PP): Midnight Navy & Midnight Army disbanded to form the Mandalorian Clan D'Ordinii.

67 ABY (56 PP) MandalMine Collective formed from the various companies & economic holdings of Admiral Z'har Dizen Or'dinii.

117 ABY (106 PP): MandalMine Collective, Clan D'Ordinii, & other Clan Holdings are nationalized to found Infinite Imperium.[/quote]
Author: [quote]A Character of the Admiralty OOC.[/quote]