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Official Name: Jason Alexander Dramon
Gender: Male
Age: 85
Species: Genetically modified human clone
Homeworld: Coruscant
Force Alignment: Grey Jedi
Affiliation: Alderaan Defense Force
Appearance: Brown Hair
Brown Eyes (left eye is artificial) scar running from the side of his left eye around the back of his head)
6'1 (Scars running over the course of his back from childhood)
Artificial Right hand
Physical body looks thirty-five due to heavy genetic modifications
Biography: Jason Alexander Dramon led a long colorful life before he learned the truth about himself. He assisted Owen Kenobi in the defense and the liberation of Alderaan. He joined the now fallen Republic as a senator and was elected Vice-Chancellor. He became a Jedi Master and brought peace and stability into others lives. But all of that faded into nothing once he learned the truth of who he and what he was.
He learned that he was the clone of an old Jedi Master lost to history. He was lied to, used and bred to be a weapon that failed. He was to be tossed away and killed once his novelty had ended. He was a man that was never supposed to be. But yet he continued on. Despite the games played that cost him his wife, children and those he cared about he continued.
What is to be written though will test the man that has already seen the depths of hell and come through it...
Weapons: Lightsaber (Blackwing Crystal with a dark side presence) Dark Grey blade
Dual-Phase Lightsaber (Durindfire Crystal)
Dl-18 (Heavily modified blaster for penetration and range)
Personal Spaceship: YT-2000 Freighter 'Lightning'
Heavily modified with capital ship grade shielding and reactor. Concussion missile launchers both forward and aft.
Docked X-wing
Traffic Light: Green
Author: Hello, boys and girls. I am back again! For those who don't know me, I am an old hand from the birth of JvS. For those that do. Hello again! I left for awhile to pursue life and all its many annoyances but I came back because I truly do enjoy writing. If anyone wants to come join me then know you are more than welcome!