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Official Name: Jedi Master Will Son'tir
Quote: [famous Corellian Smile]
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Species: Human
Homeworld: Corellia
Occupation: Jedi Watchmen
Force Alignment: Jedi
Affiliation: The Jedi Order
Appearance: A little higher than average height, physique has a physique that tells others he clearly lifts. . .and likes his ale, jet black hair pushed into a lazy side part with a shaved undercut. The weight and maturity of his duties as a master in direct service to the High Council has matured him into having a fuller, grizzled beard, abandoning the maintenance of a tight beard kept real tight along the jaw line with piercing blue eyes. Over the years now, silver hair has snuck its way into the master's black hair.

Can Be seen wearing green jedi robes signifying him to be a Master of the Corellian Academy; or personal lavendar tunic with an old gold Mandalorian honor sash dawned across his midsection and tied off to his left side (mantador style); black loose fit trousers with Corellian blood stripes and black knee high boots-- remnance of a military career long since abandoned.
Biography: Born William Caster, his mother's (Kristina Caster a New Republic Senator of Corellia) maiden name; he eventually took his Mandalorian father's clan name, Son'tir after fighting alongside him on an intrepid on Concord Dawn, when Will was still a knight; there he met and fostered a relationship with his estranged brother, Jim. Born on Corellia as well, but trained as a full Mandalorian; but as the old addage goes-- you can take the boy out of Corellia but you can't take Corellia out of the boy.

Now Will Son'tir is a Master of the Corellian Jedi Academy. He spent a number of years teaching the padawans there. He even had a hand in training the UFFW Chief of State Kel'Al Raganella. Before Will spent a number of years as a ambassador to the Mandalorians, studying their hand-to-hand combat. Ironically enough, he passed his jedi trials on Haruun Kal while settling a border dispute among the indigenious people there. He had his first brush with the raw ferocity of Vaapad, as well as the darkside. Eventually mastering Vaapad, he later found that it was not his prefferred technique and focussed on mastering Soresu, the jedi's master's more conservative technique. His later years as a diplomat, he decided that more subtle use of the lightsaber was much more fitting. Will earned his worth as a prominent master of the order during the onslaught of just the Past galactic Civil War against the sith with his exploits in the Battle of Garqi. He is an accomplished diplomat, spending the last couple of months as a ambassador of Corellia to the other members of the United Federation of Free Worlds (UFFW), traveling with the Chief of State. And he helped with one of the last battles of the Civil War, Battle at Garqi. He eventually served the United Jedi Council with whatever it desired. Those duties brought the jedi too many Academies and pursue many Sith on his transition.
Those travels in the name of the Unified Council eventually made Will feel above normal authorities of the Orders, pursuing enemies when and where he saw fit without so much as a communication to many temple with a report of his progress.

Now Will has returned to his home academy on Corellia, hopefully to regain some severence of the jedi he was; a jedi completely devoted to duty. His old friend and High Council member, Master Serrin Roma, was happy to put him to work and assigned him a new Padawan Zane Shadolen-- a young male who is of Mandalorian dissent too.

With the onset of the knighthood of Shadolen, The High Council bequeathed Son'tir to help leader the Order in the turmoil times of the emergence of a unifying Sith. Being an investigation senior faculty, Watchmen to Mon Calamari, and a Headmaster at the academy on Corellia.

After the onset of the Mandalorian War and being involved in the leadership of what he feels was a failure and a breakdown. He goes through his own breakdown. Will's self inflicted isolationism has spun him toward a lonely path where no one knows where it leads. . . . .
Weapons: Color(s) of your lightsaber(s): right handed lightsaber is an ice blue. left handed shoto is old gold-- and is rarely used.

Form 0: proficient
Form I: expert
Form II: proficient
Form III: Master
Form IV: Master
Form V: proficient
Form VI: expert
Form VII: abandoned
Force Powers: ==Top 10 (in no partiuclar order)==
Force Deflection
Force Wave
Force Valor
Force Barrier
Force Repulse
Force Protection
Force Resistance
==Light Side Powers==

Battle Precognition
Droid Disable
Electric Judgement
Force Enlightenment
Force Healing
Protection Bubble

Force Stun
Force Stasis
Force Persuasion
Personal Spaceship: Anything he can borrow.
Fleet: == Mon Calamari - Galactic Republic First Outer Rim Battlegroup ==
1 Imperious-Class Star Destroyer
1 Scythe-class main battle cruiser
2 Medium Class Ships
4 Light Class Ships
2 MC40a light cruiser
2 Tri-Scythe-class frigate
9 Support Class Ships (9x2 = 18 Points)
Bantha-class assault shuttle
72 Starfighters (72 Points) Corellian Tracers
Ground Forces: == 10th Platoon, Nanook, CDF ==

300 CDF soldiers
200 CDF Elites
100 Mandalorian Elites, Clan Son'tir
Traffic Light: Yellow
Traffic Light Additional: PM me first please
Known Apprentices: Kel'Al Raganella, Zane Shadolen, Isra Bel
NPC's: ==Colonel James (Jim) Son'tir== (Mandalorian Male)
Will's brother, his senior by only one year.
42 year old Mandalorian
Commander of Will's military contingents

==Jedi Knight Isra Bel== (Hapan Female)
councilor, Battle Meditation and Force Valor Specialization; minor healer
20 years old
black hair, green eyes

==Jedi Knight Soloiem Dem==
Jedi Healer, empath
Iridonian Male, pony tail kept taunt and high above the head ornate with hold rings at the base. Flesh tone skin with pencil-thin face tattoos. Professional and kind can always be felt.

==Jedi Knight Shri Yarl==
former Baran Do Sage, Kel'Dor male
Jedi Detective and combat specialist
A being of few words, but of swift and tenacious action.
Accomplishments/Goals: Achieved the rank of Jedi Knight
Achieved the rank of Jedi Master
Councilman, Corellian Jedi Order
Headmaster, Corellian Jedi Academy
Ambassador of The Corellian Jedi Academy to UFFW
Investigator for the Jedi High Council
Jedi Watchmen of Mon Calamari system
Jedi High Councilor
Nominated Best Lightsider, 2013

With Will, I have striven to make him a cross between Kyp Durron and Corran Horn put together. Hopefully that has worked out.