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Óglaigh na Iarndóideanna ~ Warriors of the Iron Fists.
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Username: nexus Last Online: May 4, 2017 15:10:56 GMT -8
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Gender: Male
Posts: 126
Date Registered: Apr 24, 2013 20:49:06 GMT -8
Official Name: Lord Nexus
Quote: Without Order nothing can exist; without Chaos nothing can evolve
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Homeworld: Byss
Occupation: War Lord
Force Alignment: Dark Side
Affiliation: Forsworn
Appearance: [quote][img][/img][/quote]
Biography: [quote]The Dark being known as Nexus is not a man, but an ancient spirit which possesses the 'Articles of Darkness', a series of ancient treasures scattered across the galaxy that belonged to the original Dark Lord.

Throughout the centuries, this spirit has shifted and become unlike any other spirit; forged by an anomaly in the force, the Articles of Darkness act as a well in which the souls of all those who wield it are stored- this means, in essence, that Nexus is not one spirit, but rather a collection of spirits with a dominant hive mind.

The most recent host of the entity known as Nexus was an arkanian man by the name of Malakaii Concordia, who consolidated most of the articles of Darkness, coming the closest to being the most powerful host of Nexus, however he perished on Contruum, and since his death his articles have been scattered over the galaxy, awaiting to be reunited. [/quote]
Weapons: [quote][u]Melee[/u]
[list][*][url=]Reaver[/url] [Sith sword][/list]
[list][*]Double bladed lightsaber (detachable the hilt into two separate sabers; blade color-crimson)[/list]
[list][*]Silver lightsaber with electrum and beskar hilt. (krayt pearl crystal)[/list]
[url=]More can be found here[/url][/quote]
Force Powers: [quote][list][*]Force Telekenesis[mastered][/list]
>>Includes the powers<<
-Force push/pull

[list][*]Force Lightning[Mastered][/list]
[list][*]Force Speed [Mastered][/list]
[list][*]Sith Sorcery[/list]
[list][*]Force Drain[/list]
>>Includes the powers<<
- Drain Life
- Drain Force
- Death Field
- Death Sphere
- Cryokenisis
[list][*]Force bubble[/list]
[list][*]Battle Precognition[/list]
[list][*]Force Blast[/list]
[list][*]Force conceal[/list][/quote]
Traffic Light: Blue
Traffic Light Additional: Come at me bros
Known Masters: Jen'Jedai Cthulu, Lord Soulless
Known Apprentices: Mercedes Asari
Author: Though most know me as Nexus, my real name is David. I am a recent college graduate from Green Mountain College, VT, majoring in communications. I am originally from Turks and Caicos. I like to party, and have met several jvsers.

Fellow RPers I have met: Adiemus Matango, Karana Malora, Xaxan Zadecius, Dazac, Syren, Arhiia Concordia, Lynzea, Reyn Skirata, Jiro Shale, Murdock Shan, Jago, Mercedes Asari, Linn Kalin, Ramiel Diux, Lamia, Vidalu Na'an, Sinistra!