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Ael Jade
The Jedi Order - Corellian Jedi Academy
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Username: ael Last Online: Dec 13, 2017 10:54:15 GMT -8
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Gender: Female
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Date Registered: May 13, 2013 14:44:28 GMT -8
Gender: Female
Age: 89
Species: Near Human
Force Alignment: Jedi
Affiliation: Corellian Jedi Order
Appearance: Only an inch or two past five feet tall, Ael has deep green eyes. Her hair is long and snow white, usually worn braided with silver wire run through it. The braid is usually pinned up with twin silver hairsticks. Her face, once considered beautiful has been chiseled over time by hardship, and now is more reflective of elegance and refinement, without softness. Her eyebrows are black, delicately upward curving, and can be used expressively when talking with others. She typically wears a formfitting black tunic, embroidered with silver, at her waist is always a dark knife, with elaborate carvings in the hilt and sheathe, (culturally significant, not viewed as a weapon). In addition to that, she keeps her lightsaber at her waist, various knives usually hidden on her person, and a long black katana. Depending on the situation, she also carries a blaster and shurikens. Sometimes a black cloak is wrapped around her when she wishes to hide her appearance from others.
Personal Spaceship: Z-95 Headhunter - equipped with hyperdrive
Fleet: N/A
Ground Forces: N/A

Exception: Selaya, an untamed vornskr, gifted by Admiral Z'har Dizen Or'dinii after a round of unarmed combat. The predatory feline is Jade's most consistent companion and is currently developing very rudimentary Force Speech.
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