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Latest Status: I don't believe in a no-win scenario.
Gender: Female
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Official Name: Karana Malora
Quote: "Ok, ok, I take it back. Un-kriff you."
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Species: Human
Homeworld: Wherever the skies take me.
Occupation: Smuggler / Trouble Maker
Force Alignment: Non-Force
Affiliation: The Fel Crew (Unfair Advantage)
Appearance: [IMG][/IMG]

[quote]Malora may look harmless when compared to a typical bad-ass, but don't let her sweet-as-candy appearance fool you. She's tough as nails on the inside, and her will is iron-strong. Surviving is what she does best. If she has to play dirty to do it, she will. Light freckles pepper her nose and cheeks, and her pouting lips are soft and pink. When she can, she indulges in her fetish for black leather jackets.

She's a regular smart-ass. Tough, irreverent, and promiscuous, Malora's greatest weapon is her snarky attitude. She's got a bit of a 'tough girl' complex, but despite that, Malora can be a playful, awkward, sometimes comedic creature. She uses humor or seduction to diffuse tension during difficult situations, and relies heavily on it to keep things cool. She has a naughtiness about her and is not afraid to speak her mind or say things that others wouldn't dare say in public. When given an inch, especially when it concerns money or food, she'll take a mile and then some.

She has a bad habit of running her mouth when she shouldn't. She's also fiercely territorial, especially when other females are present. You make any sudden moves for Fel or her crew, romantically or otherwise, she'll be remodeling your face. And you won't like the finished product. Best way to avoid this is to get on her good side. Have fun figuring out how to achieve that.[/quote]
Biography: [IMG][/IMG]
[quote]Malora grew up in the roughest parts of the Coruscant slums under the care of an Underworld gang. Under their tutoring, Malora learned how to survive with the arts of theft, combat, stealth and intimidation. They taught her to disregard the feelings of her heart, and to never trust anyone. She made her first kill before she could string together a properly worded sentence, and quickly rose to the top of the gang chain, working side by side with the highest members of her gang.

Things happened. Bad things. Things that will haunt her forever.

Since then, she's been searching for a new home. She found it in Galdaart Fel and the crew of the Unfair Advantage. And she ain't goin' anywhere.[/quote]
Weapons: [IMG][/IMG]
Traffic Light: Orange
Accomplishments/Goals: [img][/img]
Author: [IMG][/IMG]
Hi! My name is Lor, I live in Florida (for now) and I've been a JvS member since 2006. I've been role-playing for about ten years now, bouncing around between multiple sites, dipping my toes in different creative pools. I'm big into Sci-Fi and Fantasy (Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Mass Effect, Supernatural, Harry Potter, True Blood, Spartacus, etc), so naturally that's what I love to write about, but I'm also a fan of mixed historical fiction and apocalyptic. I love to write complicated damsels, both distressing and in distress, and prefer being human over any other race/species, because I believe you don't need powers or epic talents or pointed ears or green skin to be extraordinary. I'm a huge believer in the power and ability of the ordinary human race, and I like to try and integrate that into my work when I can. I'm not into writing overpowered superheroes or wickedly decked-out Force wielders. Instead, I like to write as close to reality in a fantasy world as I can, and leave the big show stuff to the other writers, because let's face it, everyone wants to be the hero! Who wants to write the feisty little human stuck in the middle? Me. ^_^ I'm the support more than the focus, and I'm just fine with that. That's not to say I won't try anything else, though! :D don't much care for blatant Horror or gore writing.

I like a drama-free OutOfCharacter environment and am very cheerful, mild mannered, and easy to work with, so I go with the flow during story progression and don't make a big deal about anything unless someone's being purposefully mean or troll-y. Outside of the writing, I am a child of the Performing Arts (voice, piano, dance, acting, etc) and a huge pasta enthusiast. XD I go to Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions around the USA and costume as various characters from films and TV, I play a variety of MMOs (Guild Wars 2, WoW, SWTOR, etc) and games (Halo is a favorite, as is Mass Effect and The Sims 3). I LOVE music, it inspires me when I'm creatively blocked and calms me when I'm freaking out on an airplane, I am an avatar/picture queen (seriously, I change my smuggler's avatar like seven or eight times a day, it's a problem), and I am very easily impressed / easily excited. I fangirl over good stories and fun characters SO hard. <3