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Username: coruscani Last Online: May 2, 2017 17:43:44 GMT -8
Latest Status: Just your average runaway Barbie biatch.
Gender: Female
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Official Name: Aurelia Coruscani
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Species: Human
Homeworld: Anywhere but Coruscant.
Occupation: Drifter / Runaway convict
Force Alignment: Non-Force
Appearance: [img][/img]
Biography: [i]So.

You don't need to know where I was born, or how my childhood went, or what my ambitions were (you’ll find out I didn't actually have any). None of that is important now. In fact, I've only recently realized how disgustingly insignificant my life was, despite my status. Five years ago? I was a spoiled brat. Pampered princess with a capitol ‘P’, I went to sleep every night on a massive bed encrusted with precious gems, the finest silk sheets, infinite riches in my bank. The galaxy was my playground, the cities my stage, the beings inhabiting them my puppets. If I wanted something, I had absolutely no problem crushing anyone and everyone under my heels until I got it. My own four-story high-rise apartment? Mine. Carpet made out of Wookie pelts? Mine. Needed a rival killed? Done with a flick of my finely manicured fingers. I was a vile, shallow, scheming, rotten-to-the-core bitchy Barbie queen with the perfect tan and everything a girl could ever want. I wasn't living luxury, I WAS luxury.

Until people found out where daddy got all his money.

Twenty-four hours. That’s all it took for me, my older sister, and my parents to go from everything to nothing, from worshiped high-class to hunted criminals. To this day, I don’t know who or what triggered the events that evening. Didn't have time to ask questions before they hauled us all away. I knew my daddy had his hands in numerous pies, and I knew most of them were less than savory. Black Market, slave trade, the Mob, street dealing, gambling… If there were people to exploit (for a profit, of course), exploit them my parents did. And ohh, were they good at it. They were smart, my parents, and very charming. All sweet smiles and gentle voices. I often heard people wonder aloud how such a nice couple could turn out two such horrid children. But they knew how to cover their tracks, how to manipulate and steal and murder in plain sight without getting caught, right under the noses of Coruscant’s finest. My sister and I had nothing to do with the business. We didn't care where the money came from, as long as there was a steady stream of it to spend.

But someone somewhere slipped up. Because suddenly, the authorities were bashing down our door, and the doors of each crime boss, slave dealer and drug juggler we had associated with. It was chaos. Everything my father had done went public. Every secret criminal lair, every underground operation was laid bare. The law laid smack-down, and laid it quick as they carted my family off to lifelong prison. But you can never really kill the criminal element. Cut off a head, two more grow back. Lawbreakers always have a plan, are always ready.

That’s why we never got to jail. Or I didn't, at least.

You have to understand, this whole thing happened so incredibly fast from start to finish. So when The Mob came revenge-gunning for us on our way to the jail courts, the police landed, split us up into separate armored transports, and fought back. But they were completely unprepared for this heavy, sudden retaliation. They tried to take a stand, but were mowed over before backup could arrive. And when backup finally DID arrive, they quickly took to the skies with my criminal family, confident in their armored cars.
That’s when the Mob brought out the big guns. Guns my father-.. guns that WE had provided them.
And I watched from the viewport in horror as they shot us out of the air.
One car spun off into traffic and exploded into dust. Another crashed into the city, spewing flames as it went down. Only one car made it out of the area safely. It wasn't mine. Mine went down after the second one a few blocks away, and the only thing that saved my life was the fact that I was secured inside the prisoner transfer compartment in the back. When I came to, it was to twisted charred metal and fire, glassy-eyed bodies, and blood everywhere. It was while I was trying to climb out that I realized everything had just changed for me. There was no going back to my plush apartment, no more money, no more pretty shoes, no more…anything. I didn't know what had happened to my family, I didn't know where I was, I didn't know what to do when I finally made it out of that car. There was one thought that burned constant and angry in my selfish, bratty little mind, though. I would not go to jail for something I didn’t do. It was all on my parents, this was entirely their fault and I would not rot in a cell for their stupid problems. If they were even alive. But I knew the authorities weren’t the only ones I needed to worry about. The criminal elements wanted revenge, and they wouldn’t stop until they had solid proof that my family was wiped out.

So I ran.

It took me five long, tense, horror-filled days to make it off-planet. I might have been a pampered bitch queen, but contrary to popular belief, I was not a dumbshit. I’m sharp, a quick learner, and I can lie and manipulate better than most crooks. And really, it’s not all that hard to stow away on a crowded transport. But once I hit atmosphere and landed on Nar Shaddaa a few days later, reality set in. This was it for me now. Running. Hiding. Stealing. Sleeping in alleys and fighting over rats and trashcans with other street filth. This was my life now.
I was a nobody. And that, above everything else, scared me the most.

The first six months, I was a gutter-dweller. I don’t think I thought much those weeks. I just…survived. Reverted to basic animal needs. Eat, sleep, live another day. I’m not sure how I made it through with my sanity; I was alone, paranoid, barely evading the big scary bounty hunters I was so sure were there for me. I was a mess, mentally and physically, and I had no idea how to continue my life. I’d even thought about ending it a few times.
Weapons: [img][/img]
Force Powers: [i]But through a series of events and a few good, eclectic, patient Samaritans, I started to learn how to live as a runaway and convicted criminal. It took years, days of observing and adapting, nights of empty bellies, and plenty of excruciatingly hard knocks. But I began to mold someone from the pile of watery clay that had been me. Someone tough and smart, who didn’t rely on anyone but herself. Someone who didn’t mind getting dirty, didn’t seem to care much if she broke a nail, or if her hair wasn’t the perfect shade of gold. Someone who began to see how small and disgustingly wrong her world used to be.

Someone I, surprisingly, started to like.

I learned how to be dangerous, how to fight with what I’ve got and how to think on my feet, where to throw a grenade so it does the most damage and which weapons did what. I learned how to avoid the law and how to navigate the criminal webs, how to hotwire things and pick pockets without getting caught. I learned how to change my appearance, my walk, my voice, how to blend in at a moment’s notice. How to enjoy and appreciate what I had when I had it, because it could all be gone tomorrow. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m not the Barbie queen I used to be. I am not Aurelia Sontina Coruscani anymore. I don’t have one credit on me, and I don’t give two karks about it. I’ll survive. I know I will. There is no giving up. I will run the law and anyone else who wants to take me down into the ground, because I am a durable little bitch, and I will own whatever situation I am in. I am a fighter now.

I am Lia Corusa. And you will regret messing with me.[/i]
Personal Spaceship: [img][/img]
Traffic Light: Blue
Author: No death, please. Up for almost anything else. Contact me with questions. [:

Hi! My name is Lor, I live in Florida (for now) and I've been a JvS member since 2006. I've been role-playing for about ten years now, bouncing around between multiple sites, dipping my toes in different creative pools. I'm big into Sci-Fi and Fantasy (Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Mass Effect, Supernatural, Harry Potter, True Blood, Spartacus, etc), so naturally that's what I love to write about, but I'm also a fan of mixed historical fiction and apocalyptic. I love to write complicated damsels, both distressing and in distress, and prefer being human over any other race/species, because I believe you don't need powers or epic talents or pointed ears or green skin to be extraordinary. I'm a huge believer in the power and ability of the ordinary human race, and I like to try and integrate that into my work when I can. I'm not into writing overpowered superheroes or wickedly decked-out Force wielders. Instead, I like to write as close to reality in a fantasy world as I can, and leave the big show stuff to the other writers, because let's face it, everyone wants to be the hero! Who wants to write the feisty little human stuck in the middle? Me. ^_^ I'm the support more than the focus, and I'm just fine with that. That's not to say I won't try anything else, though! :D don't much care for blatant Horror or gore writing.

I like a drama-free OutOfCharacter environment and am very cheerful, mild mannered, and easy to work with, so I go with the flow during story progression and don't make a big deal about anything unless someone's being purposefully mean or troll-y. Outside of the writing, I am a child of the Performing Arts (voice, piano, dance, acting, etc) and a huge pasta enthusiast. XD I go to Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions around the USA and costume as various characters from films and TV, I play a variety of MMOs (Guild Wars 2, WoW, SWTOR, etc) and games (Halo is a favorite, as is Mass Effect and The Sims 3). I LOVE music, it inspires me when I'm creatively blocked and calms me when I'm freaking out on an airplane, I am an avatar/picture queen (seriously, I change my smuggler's avatar like seven or eight times a day, it's a problem), and I am very easily impressed / easily excited. I fangirl over good stories and fun characters SO hard. <3