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Username: xeonon Last Online: Oct 31, 2017 17:07:09 GMT -8
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Gender: Male
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Date Registered: Apr 21, 2013 16:40:27 GMT -8
Official Name: Xeonon Solomon
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Force Alignment: Neutral
Affiliation: Himself
Appearance: [img][/img]

Standing 6' 3" Xeonon is a physically imposing man. After his surgery he had his right cheek replaced with Synthskin and had hair follicles placed in it so he could grow a beard which changes in style constantly. Despite being in his seventies he has the look of a middle aged man. White streaks run through his beard and black hair. Having had the pigmentation changed his eyes are brown, to the point of looking black. If you ever caught him naked his refined look would be gone, instead you would see a lifetime of scars and damage. His right arm was replaced with a cybernetic appendage just above the elbow



A repainted version of Imperial Knight armour, he had multiple sets and the colours change depending on the occasion.
Biography: [quote]Having had his tenure as a god ended by the Whills Xeonon was once againt sent to the mortal plain of existance, back in his old body. Having been brought back on Aaragrah he spent several days waiting for pick up before heading to Hronghr. Due to the fact he was dead, he wanted to have his face reconstructed so he no longer looked like the old him. His time with the Imperial Knights had ended. [/quote]

For more information on original Xeonon visit [url=]here[/url] or [url=]here[/url]
Weapons: [quote]Silver bladed lightsaber with a Mestare crystal
Orange bladed lightsaber Pike
Repulse hand Right Arm
Imperial Heavy Repeater
Double Barreled Blaster Carbine
Enforcer Pistol[/quote]
Force Powers: [quote]Force Whirlwind
Force Blinding
Force Lightning
Force Rent
Force Scream
Force Crush
Personal Spaceship: [img][/img]
Fleet: 1 [url=]Broadside Cruiser[/url]
1 [url=]Tartan Cruiser[/url]
1 [url=]Imperial II Frigate[/url]
72 [url=]Predator[/url]
Traffic Light: Blue
Traffic Light Additional: [img][/img]
Known Masters: [b]Gabriel Solomon, Grandmaster Kryn[/b]
Known Apprentices: [b]Calvin Nullan, Talon Fenris, Faina Nikulin[/b]
NPC's: [url=]Antares Krieg[/url]: Master of the Order of Imperial Knights
Silver Lightsaber
Ornate Imperial Knight Armour

[url=]Erebus QT-80082[/url]: Stormtrooper clone of Xeonon Solomon
DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle
DC-17 Blaster Pistol
Thermal Detonator
Concussion Grenade
Mark V Stormtrooper Armour
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