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Official Name: Synar "Syn" Blackfyre
Quote: " I will do what I must "
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Species: Human
Homeworld: Raydonia
Occupation: Grey Jedi (Exile)
Force Alignment: Neutral
Affiliation: None
Appearance: [img][/img]

Syn stands six feet tall and has a slim yet muscular build. His hair is blond and his eyes are a deep blue. His fair looks make many think he is younger then actually is. Syn's left arm from below the elbow is cybernetic and built with a phrik weave. Syn wears all black clothing consisting of mostly jedi battle attire. Syns left arm is covered by a black sleeve to cover his cybernetic arm. His right arm has a gloved bracer up the elbow also black. Also a black shoulder pauldron made with a spider silk interweave same as the rest of his clothing. Over his heart he wears a fist sized silver Raydonian wolf pendent given to him by his mother.

Biography: Synar Blackfyre was born on Raydonia. The second child in his family, his older sister being Kyree Blackfyre by 4 years. Synar comes from a powerful line of force users his own father being a famed Jedi Master. Due to the low population of his people and their cultural traditions, his father like those before was allowed to have a family and retain ties to his home world with the consent of the Jedi Order.

Synar was born into his sisters shadow. From a very early age his older sister showed a great aptitude to the force. Being able to to do things far above the standard normality someone of her age should be able to. Synar was much different, for unlike his sister only a spark of the force could be felt from him. An example being at the age of six, Synar could barely make a toy block move unlike his sister who at that age could pick up multiple objects through the force.

Synar greatly loved his sister and family but a resentment began to build as his father focused solely on his sister and paid him no mind. Synar found comfort in his Mother who always told him that in order to get fire one must have a spark, and soon his spark would turn into a raging flame. At the age of ten, Synar's mother passed away and his father and sister returned to Raydonia. His father not being able to leave his son behind brough the young boy back to Coruscant to the Jedi Temple in hopes that the Jedi would be able to provide some sort of future for his son.

Synar Age 10

Once on Coruscant his Father and sister, who was now fourteen bid him farewell. Before leaving his Sister embraced and told him to prove father wrong and someday they shall travel the Galaxy together not just as brother and sister but as Jedi.

Synar was brought before the Jedi Council who decided that even though he did not shine brightly in the force, there was still some light within him and that maybe with training he could become a Jedi. Synar was placed with a group of younglings and practicing the ways of the force and learning how to control its power. Though Synar tried harder then the other younglings he quickly fell behind. Not letting this stop him Synar began to concentrate more on the physical aspects of being a Jedi and spent every free moment he had in the training rooms sparring and honing his acrobatic skills.

At the age of twelve, Synar had become a loner. finding himself far more content in keeping to himself then being around others of his age. It was when an altercation between Synar and a fellow student that he caught the eye of Jedi Master Soren Vale. Master Vale watched how even though Synar had the upper hand in the fight, he would not harm his fellow student. After, Master Vale approached Synar and the two quickly hit it off and Master Vale took Synar as his Padawan.

Thrakk Valinor, Soren Vale and Synar Blackfyre

Through his Master's teaching, Synar did as his Mother told him and became a roaring flame in the force. Now 14, Synar not surpassed his fellow students through physical trials but also with the force. Many soon began to worry about the young Jedi, for his power was unbalanced and at times Synar himself could not control the full extent of his abilities. But his Master reassured him that in time he would be able to control the force as if it was a natural extension of himself and not just a power that he could only yield in brute fashion. Synar traveled the galaxy on many missions with his Master, and soon the pair came to be known greatly by many within the Order.

Synar Age 16

While on Ossus, Synar would show his true power in a savage display. During a meditation session in the gardens inside the Temple, Synars Master told the young boy about his fathers death in the line of duty and his sisters sudden disappearance. Tears ran down the Synar's face as he desperately searched in the force for his sister. After feeling nothing, Synar fell to his knees and let out a cry that could be heard throughout the temple. With that cry Synar let loose an enormous torrent of force energy, an uncontrollable burst of raw power. The Temple shook violently as if hit by a great earthquake and everything in the gardens crumbled around him. Master Vale having been knocked off his feet and thrown some many feet away looked back at Synar who no longer had tears on his face. But the boy he knew was gone, for now Synar's eyes where as cold as the color they shown as and his face no longer held cheer but somber darkness.

Synar finding about his Sister's death

After the event, Synar was never the same. His dissent of the Jedi Order from the loss of his sister began to fill him and soon he brash actions turned to a full rebellious nature. Even his Master began having trouble keeping his Padawan in line. This soon came to play in the second biggest lost in Synars life. Now 18, he accompanied his Master again into battle against the Sith. Synar grew impatient with the Jedi's lack of an offensive strategy and decided to take matters into his owns believing that the Sith needed to be fought head and not just forced into a stalemate. Synar led his troops and other jedi under his command from their defensive positions and attacked the Enemy. With action, Synar left the rest of the Jedi and their forces exposed and Synar quickly found himself surrounded by Sith forces. After a long and grievously intense battle, Synar was left heavily wounded and his left arm cut off from the elbow down. Though the Jedi where able to repel and eventually defeat the Sith forces, casualties where immensely high, one of the casualties being his Master.

Synar and Soren before the last battle during the War of the Force

Synar awoke in the medical bay in the Temple on Coruscant. He was summoned to the Council where he was told of his Master's death and that even though his Master had given him the rank of Knight the title would be stripped from him and he would no longer be allowed to participate in active duty until a time that the council saw fit for him. Synar did not fight this decision and even took a step farther and told the Council of his resignation from the Order. Synar then left the Jedi Temple to seek asylum elsewhere in the galaxy.

Synar and Aeryn

Synar Age 18

Synar traveled the Galaxy learning from different sects of force users and expanding his knowledge in the force. He helped where ever he could but no matter what he did, he could never fill the hole he had felt now for so long. At age 20 Synar was approached by the Grey Jedi who welcomed them into their order. Synar spent two years with the Grey's and learned how to balance the power within him and found that there was much more to the force and the greater then what the Jedi taught. Synar found a true place for himself here and found true brothers within the Grey Jedi Order and quickly rose to one of the more prominent members in the Order.

Synar now 22, had begun to hear whispers of a failed Grey Order mission to Naboo 10 years prior. Synar looked into the matter and soon found out that a Grey Jedi under the direction of an ex Jedi Master become Sith had taken his Sister from the Jedi Temple on Naboo and lost her while enroute to an unknown location. Synar enraged by this new knowledge found and confronted the Grey Jedi. Before the Grey even had a chance to explain himself, Synar attacked the man and buried his lightsaber in his chest. Just before the Grey Jedi died, Synar used the force to rip anything of merit about his Sister from his mind. The Grey Jedi having witnessed Synar's power and his killing of a fellow member held a trial. Synar was exiled from the Grey Jedi. Before leaving Synar told all those in audience of the trial that he would no longer seek to change the course of the galaxy and the force and peace could not be controlled. But if his brothers ever needed him, he would always answer the call.


Synar left the Grey Jedi and set out into the Galaxy to find his sister... His story continues on now

Synar age 22

Weapons: Synar carries a custom built dual phase lightsaber, the build of the lightsaber allows for him to change the length and width of the blade. Synar's lightsaber is built with fragments of Durindfire,Lignan and Opila crystals giving the blade its white color and also making it intensely powerful.

Force Powers: Synar has Knight/Master force abilities. Though more powerful in the physical expects of the Force.

Force Telekinesis
Force Lightning
Force Body
Force Heal
Fore Pyrokenisis
Force Breach
Force Barrier
Drain Knowledge

Personal Spaceship: Sienar Systems Star Courier

Fleet: none
Ground Forces: none
Traffic Light: Yellow
Traffic Light Additional: Will rp whatever storyline, just will not be killed
Known Masters: Soren Vale, Thrakk Valinor
Known Apprentices: None
Accomplishments/Goals: -Find His Sister
-Find His Master's Killer

* Become Jedi Knight (Complete)
Author: I write a character who is a jedi exile and believes to be an outcast of the galaxy. But if you need a force user and fighter just let me know.

Thanks to Thrakk Valinor for Building me this character